Tallest Buildings In The World

Ever since Biblical times, people have strived to get closer to heaven. The first tower to be erected was the Tower of Babel. Today, thousands of new modern and amazing buildings appear in the world every year. The tallest buildings impress with their grandeur and technical innovation.

10. Willis Tower, Chicago, USA

The Willis Tower skyscraper opens ten giant buildings. It was built in the seventies of the last century in Chicago, USA and was originally called Sears Tower.
The idea for such a large-scale building first appeared in 1969, after Sears, Roebuck & CO decided to unite its entire staff in one place for a more comfortable working environment. The first part of Sears Tower appeared in the spring of one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one.
In three years, it was possible to create a building of amazing height – four hundred and forty-three meters in the form of one hundred and ten floors. Bruce Graham became the main architect of Sears Tower, and Fazlur Khan became the main designer.
For twenty-five years, this skyscraper was the tallest building in the entire world. Now he has taken the honorable 2nd place in height in the United States and 10th in the world.
On July 16, two thousand and nine, Sears Tower was renamed Willis Tower.

9. Ostankino TV Tower, Moscow, Russia

In the sixties of the twentieth century, this tower was considered the tallest building on the planet, now it is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It began to be erected in 1960, but after a while the construction was suspended due to certain doubts. The whole problem was that such a huge structure needed reliable ground.
The project was invented by the engineer N.V. Nikitin. literally overnight, he was inspired by a lily – a flower with a strong stem and dense petals. True, initially the tower was supposed to have four supports, but it was decided to increase this number to ten. More than 40 organizations were involved in the construction of this giant, and it lasted four years. Now this architectural structure is a symbol of our capital and Russian television. In addition to the fact that the tower broadcasts throughout the country, it also houses television studios. The meteorological center of our country received an excellent unique observatory, with the help of which it now monitors any atmospheric phenomena.
Now the building has a conference room, a chic restaurant “Seventh Heaven”, it has three floors and a beautiful panorama of the capital of Russia opens from the windows (but after the fire of 2000 it has not yet opened), there are three observation decks (one of them located at an altitude of more than three hundred meters), there are several elevators in the tower,. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Ostankino TV tower annually, but only a few objects are open to them. All technical rooms are closed to outsiders. The height of this unique tower is 540 meters.

8. World Trade Center 1, New York, USA

World Trade Center 1 or “Freedom Tower” was erected in 2013 as a memorial to the tragic September events in America. The skyscraper has become the tallest in the entire Western Hemisphere. The design height of the building is 541.3 meters.
The giant looks like a huge, slightly tilted cube with carved corners. The facade of the skyscraper is decorated with large triangles tapering towards the top and bottom. They form an octagon in the center of the building. Mindful of the 2001 terrorist attack in America, the lower part of the giant was made using concrete for security purposes, but to add aesthetics, they were faced with prismatic glass. Special glass is used – absorbing and deflecting possible explosions from mined vehicles.
The Freedom Tower is a retail and office building with 104 floors and 5 basements. In the underground part there is a hall that connects the skyscraper with the metro and railways. The upper floors of the skyscraper at an altitude of about 415 meters are given over to restaurants with the most magnificent panorama of the city and observation decks.

7. CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

In 7th place is another engineering marvel – the CN Tower, a concrete tower designed to monitor and install radio transmitters. Its location is Canada, the city of Toronto. Her “height” is 553.3 meters, allowing her to take a well-deserved position in this list. The construction of this ultra-tall building was completed back in 1975 and since then, the CN Tower has been Toronto’s main pride. The tower, piercing the sky over the city with a spire, is quite elegant and futuristic in an oriental way.
Here you can dine in a high-rise restaurant, and the most courageous can visit a platform with a glass floor at a height of 350 meters. There you can have some great fun: wherever you look – the vast territory of the province of Ontario stretches. Indeed, where are the bright and breathtaking emotions! But don’t worry, the glass floor can support dozens of adult elephants, as CN Tower can be called one of the most reliable structures on the planet.
Also very noteworthy here is the restaurant, which slowly revolves, immerses visitors in a state of complete delight – especially at night, when the sparkling lights of Toronto are even more magnificent.
Another interesting fact is that an average of 78 lightning strikes this skyscraper every year, and the most eminent photographers in the world hunt for these shots.

6. Abraj al-Beit Towers, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The Abraj al-Beit Towers are in sixth place. The location of this unique building is the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This is a whole complex of buildings, the highest of which is the “Royal Clock Tower”. Its spire rises 601 meters into the sky.
Abraj al-Beit was built in 2011. It has 120 floors. The grandiose building contains a huge hotel, a 4-storey shopping center, apartments, a couple of helipads, business premises and a large parking lot.
Abraj al-Beit is a record-breaking structure. Firstly, this is the heaviest complex in the world. Secondly, it houses the tallest hotel in the world. Thirdly, it is the building with the largest and highest located clock in the world. These giants with a diameter of 43 meters can be seen from anywhere in the city.
It is interesting that this building is also decorated with the largest crescent moon. It is hollow from the inside, divided into several rooms, one of which is a chapel, also the tallest in the world. In addition, there are loudspeakers on the crescent that call for prayer.

5. Guangzhou TV Tower

Above the line is another large-scale construction – the 37-storey Guangzhou TV Tower in the city of the same name in China. The height of this amazing structure reaches 610 meters. The TV tower was built in 2009 for the 2010 Asian Games. The main advantage of Guangzhou is its simplicity, smoothly flowing into genius. Thanks to its mesh structure of large steel pipes and a concrete rod running inside, the building has a huge margin of safety and is almost completely protected from the elements of the disaster.
The building serves primarily for the transmission of television and radio signals, but this does not prevent it from remaining the main tourist attraction. Having become one of the most striking modern architectural structures in the Middle Kingdom, Guangzhou TV Tower serves about ten thousand tourists every day. Panoramic elevators function here. The feeling of lifting is similar to the feeling of taking off an airplane, and the cockpit doors are glazed, so you can watch how quickly you take off over the city.
On the uppermost level, there is a 2-storey restaurant. There are also attractions on the tower. One of them instantly rises to a height of 485 meters, freezes, and then abruptly drops down. Another one – allows you to ride in a booth around the perimeter of the tower.
The tower is even more beautiful at night. Each node of the mesh structure is illuminated with multi-colored spotlights that change colors.

4. TV tower KVLY-TV, North Dakota, USA

The KVLY-TV TV tower with a height of 628.8 meters occupies the 4th position in our rating. It was built in 1963 and has only one function – placing digital and analog signal transmitters.
The height of the mast itself is approximately 590 meters, and the antenna mounted in it is 34 meters. The analogue transmitter is located at an altitude of 610 meters, the digital transmitter is located at an altitude of 576 meters. The TV tower weighs about 396 tons and covers an area of ​​0.65 km2.
KVLY-TV is located in Blanchard, USA (North Dakota) and is the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere.
Of course, it is difficult to recognize KVLY-TV as a real building – just a radio mast, just a very high, but well-fortified pole, however, once this tower was the first in the world in height and retained its status for a long time.

3. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

The three leaders among the tallest buildings in the world are opening the Shanghai Tower in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The official opening of the tower is due in September 2015. This majestic skyscraper rises 632 meters up. The giant’s number of storeys is 128, and the total area is 380,000 m2. The total cost of the project was $ 2.4 billion.
The design of the Shanghai Tower is quite futuristic. Its body curls towards the top, resembling a young shoot of a plant. The structure consists of nine vertical zones surrounded by a glass covering, which allows natural ventilation and significantly reduces the wind load on the building. In addition, the Shanghai Tower will have the fastest elevators that travel at a speed of 18 m / s, and it will take about two hours to go upstairs on foot.
There are already pictures and videos on the Internet taken by tourists who illegally climbed to the top of the tower. What a view from the height of this grandiose building! Fluffy clouds creep underfoot, the city is almost invisible. It is very spectacular and impressive!

2. “Heavenly tree”, Tokyo, Japan

The silver medal of our rating could have been taken by the Warsaw Radio Mast, 643 meters high, but, unfortunately, in 1991 it collapsed.
But in May 2012, the opening ceremony of the tallest television tower and the second tallest building in the world today, called the “Tokyo Sky Tree”, was held in the capital of Japan. This structure rises up to 634 meters. “Tokyo tree” has become a replacement for an obsolete TV tower.
On the day of the presentation of the tower, the number of people wishing to climb it was so large that they had to play a lottery to distribute them randomly. Today, up to 200 thousand tourists visit the Tokyo landmark every day.
The building is divided into three zones. The first one is the 5 lower floors, where shopping centers and souvenir shops are located. The second zone includes restaurants, cafes, bars, various boutiques of fashion brands, as well as a planetarium, an aquarium, a theater and an observation deck at an altitude of 350 meters, partly made of glass, so visitors can see the city right under their feet. Well, and the third is a gorgeous spiral observation deck at a level of 450 meters, from where a stunning view of the city opens.
It should also be noted that the design of the TV tower complies with all safety standards, so it is not afraid of strong earthquakes or typhoons.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

The winner of the rating of the tallest buildings in the world is rightfully the Burj Khalifa, which is located in the richest country – the United Arab Emirates, namely, in the city of Dubai. The building is named after the President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zayed Al Nahyan.
The height of this giant is 828 meters, the height of the roof is 636 meters. This is the building with the largest number of floors – there are 162 of them here. The transformation of the grandiose project into reality began in 2004 and lasted for 5 years. The average construction speed of each floor is 3 days. The tower and nearby buildings occupied a plot of land of 200 hectares.
The official opening of the grandiose structure was watched by about 2 billion people. The project was conceived as a city within a city: its own lawns, boulevards, parks. The total cost was about one and a half billion dollars, which is why it is also the most expensive building. There are 57 elevators in the tower. By the way, they are also the fastest in the world.
The complex includes a hotel, shopping centers, swimming pools, apartments and offices. The technical floors have swimming pools and jacuzzis, as well as a system of beautiful fountains.
It also houses the restaurant “Atmosphere”, located above any other. Burj Khalifa has observation decks, and to visit the highest of them, you need to overcome 452 meters.

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