Thank you for being born!

Fortunately, I belong to the generation that was born in the 50s of the last century. And not only for happiness, but also, call it whatever you like: by chance coincidence, thanks to the will of fate, or even by misunderstanding …

The fathers of people like me were those who went through the Great Patriotic War, fought in the difficult 41st, defended Leningrad and Stalingrad, liberated Europe, fought with imperialist Japan, rebuilt the destroyed country. Our fathers completed their studies in evening schools after the war, graduated from institutes and universities, became outstanding scientists, designers, teachers, doctors and workers.

Yes, yes, precisely by workers, because without their skillful unique hands, who knew how to do literally everything, the successes achieved by the Soviet Union would have been impossible.

This was a special, outstanding generation. They were giants of deed, thought and word. These were people who sincerely worked, sincerely loved and sincerely gave birth to children who grew up in an atmosphere of love, joy and respect. Thanks to them for that!

Before the war, my father lived with his parents and younger brother in the city of Kharkov (now an independent Ukrainian) on Rymarskaya Street. Not far from it, some three hundred meters away, on Pushkinskaya Street, my future mother lived. Before the war, they did not know each other and went to different schools.

When the war began, the Wehrmacht approached Kharkov at the end of September 1941. The families of my future parents were evacuated by some miracle, which they talked about until the very end of their lives.

But this is by no means the last accident, thanks to which I was born.

At the end of 1942, my father (born in 1925) volunteered. He studied at the infantry school for six months. Three days before the release, at an urgently announced formation, they were told that the Red Army urgently needed paratroopers. And all of the graduates became not junior platoon lieutenants, but paratroopers.

This is another accident, thanks to which I was born.

Dad got into the 11th Airborne Brigade. Those who studied the history of the Airborne Forces during the war years know very well that many such formations have undergone new formations more than once. This meant that the previous composition was almost completely out of action, in other words, died, but retained the Battle Banner.

It was later, in 1985, when my father and mother were traveling on the Moscow-Beijing train to me in the distant Steppe garrison (who served there, he knows!), He met with the same front-line paratrooper, who only served in the 12 airborne brigade , who, upon learning where Dad served, exclaimed with surprise: “How did you stay alive? Your brigade completely perished … ”And this was the true truth: during heavy defensive battles somewhere in Belarus, several people survived from the 11th brigade, who were wounded and shell-shocked at the very beginning of the battles and whom they managed to take to the rear. My father was among them. Here’s another accident.

Due to a severe concussion, Batya was transferred from the airborne troops to the 333rd Polotsk-Novobugsk Heavy Guards Self-Propelled Artillery of the Order of the Battle Red Banner, Alexander Nevsky and Mikhail Kutuzov regiment on ISU-152, in which he became the commander of a submachine gun squad. He liberated Polotsk and other cities. Then there was the war with Japan.

My father recalled that during the offensive of the 1st Far Eastern Front, the regiment’s submachine gunners practically did not manage to sleep at least a little … Samurai very effectively attacked our subunits and units that had retired at night, there were frequent cases when dozens of our soldiers were massacred at the beginning of this war and officers. While the crews of the self-propelled guns slept, the submachine gunners were on guard duty. And they died: several sentries were killed by the Japanese because of their negligence and slovenliness …

And during the day, during the marches, it was necessary to sit on the armor and look out for Japanese suicide bombers, who were buried along with anti-tank mines right on the roads. Dad recalled how the soldiers of his squad destroyed two such “kamikaze” in time when they suddenly appeared just a few meters away.

Then there were battles for the Chinese city of Mudanjiang, where the regiment’s machine gunners had to storm Japanese bunkers and bunkers, many times clash with the Japanese in merciless hand-to-hand combat, and the liberation of North Korea. His father resigned only in 1950 as the commander of the ISU-152 gun, having served this way for almost eight years of military service.

And his younger brother Valentin died in 1944, not having lived only three days before his eighteenth birthday. He was a signalman in the NKVD troops. He was killed by Bandera near the city of Volodymyr-Volynsky. My uncle pulled the communication line along the poles and was shot on the pole when he was shooting back from several dozen “forest brothers”. This is what the unit commander wrote in a letter that later came with the funeral. But he, too, could become someone’s father … Dad did not know about his brother’s death until 1947, my grandfather and grandmother did not want to upset him.

After demobilization, my father finished the 10th grade of the evening school, by that time his parents had already returned to Kharkov, graduated from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute and began to work at the Kharkov plant “Miner’s Light”.

And my mother and her parents were evacuated to Krasnoyarsk, where she served as a telephone operator in a military unit. She recalled that her grandmother, until the last moment, did not want to be evacuated from Kharkov, fearing to lose contact with her mother’s older brother, a battery commander who fought near Leningrad. They were evacuated from Kharkov on October 21, 1941. The Germans entered the city on October 24. Another such accident.

Then the mother’s family moved to Kuibyshev, where my mother graduated from the pedagogical institute. My grandfather, her father, born in 1893, finished only 4 classes of school under the tsar. In the late 1920s, he became the inventor and author of the first electric oven in the USSR, and presented it several times at VDNKh. And after the Victory he was offered a choice of where to go: to Kharkov or Leningrad. In the last years of her life, my mother was very worried, looking at what was happening in Ukraine (and she died in 2018 at the age of 92), and very much regretted that she then insisted on moving to Kharkov … And again an accident, thanks to which my parents met and I was born …

I specifically told in detail about the history of my family. I am sure that the overwhelming majority of people of my generation could tell more dramatic family stories. We keep military awards and father’s letters from the front as the greatest value in our homes. We remember their stories of how they fought. And we remember how we worked. We remember how they talked about the enthusiasm with which they restored everything that the Nazis destroyed.

This was a generation of heroes, a generation of titans, a generation of demigods who could and have done the impossible.

Therefore, we should not deceive us, our children and grandchildren, saying from a blue screen on a blue eye that our fathers went into battle, fearing SMERSH and blocking detachments, and our grandfathers built the Soviet economy either in the GULAG or out of fear of it. This was not the case. This is a despicable lie.

Don’t deceive us. We find it funny and bitter when we find out again and again that under the leadership of skillful “managers” the much needed Il-112V transport aircraft did not fly again, a rocket fell, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade for many, many years could not create a replacement for the An-2 maize.

And at the same time, with a regularity comparable only to the rising and setting of the Sun, there are reports of the initiation of criminal cases related to multibillion-dollar embezzlement, which, of course, cannot but arouse approval. Everything would be exactly like this, if not for one “but”: this indicates that public administration is simply ineffective. How else to call it, if there is absolutely no system of personnel training and their responsibility for the final results of work?

From this point of view, no matter what laws you adopt, the effect can be expected to be close to absolute zero …

There is no doubt that many epoch-making projects are being successfully implemented in modern Russia. For example, the Crimean Bridge, a project for the development of the Far East. New production facilities are under construction. But what, so to speak, is the efficiency, the efficiency of this process? What could you have done – and what have you done?

My late battalion commander (in the photo he is on the left) in a military school, evaluating this or that action of some unit or a separate cadet, when he was very dissatisfied, he abruptly said: “The grade is two!”

I am afraid that too often we talk in the same way about assessing the actions of the Russian government, for example, regarding reforms in education or health care. But for some reason no one got to the guardhouse …

Why am I all this? To the fact that the connection between generations in Russia has always been, is and will be the strongest thread that cements the people and ensures their existence. Those multimillion-dollar accidents, thanks to which generations were born in the 40s and 50s of the last century, remain in the memory so far. And the children of the 40s and 50s are already pensioners. And if they say one thing to their grandchildren, and propaganda, including, which is very surprising, state propaganda, broadcasts something completely different, then this is the biggest threat to national security.

If by doing so the government seeks to reconcile the pro-Western part of Russian society, insignificant in size and authority, otherwise called “liberal”, this is still half the trouble. But if these “pro-Westerners” are in fact a part of the government, this is already a big trouble. The collapse of the USSR, produced by the elite from above, proved this.

Because in this case, those accidents, thanks to which millions of people like me, were born, turn out to be just accidents that entailed the birth of only separate individuals, but in no way the preservation and successful development of the country.

Our parents fought and worked for this. And we are the results of their life and love. And our country too.

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