‘The collapse has begun’: labeling created drug shortages in the covid era

Due to the unsettled monitoring system for labeled drugs, almost all regions of Russia have already announced an acute shortage of drugs in pharmacies this fall.

The coronavirus is not as bad as the panic it causes. Disoriented people, out of fear of being seriously ill and not surviving, feverishly buy everything in pharmacies, not really thinking about the fact that most of these drugs with such a diagnosis are a dead poultice. After such raids, only empty shelves remain.

However, let’s not rush to blame our “irresponsible” citizens for everything. As it turned out, the shortage of drugs is provoked by the same labeling introduced in the summer, which, in theory, was supposed to get rid of him. Due to the unsettled system of registration of labeled drugs, not only those who need essential drugs are suffering, but also, for example, asthmatics with heart disease, who need certain funds for life.

Initially, the labeling was supposed to exclude drugs from speculators getting into dummy pharmacies, for which a monitoring system was introduced that traces the path of the drug from the manufacturer to the pharmacy. “The law was supposed to provide centralization and understanding of the situation on the market, but, unfortunately, the operator who accompanied this situation failed, and the law began to slip,” commented the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Sergey Natarov at a press conference in the NSN. “Where the labeling should be accompanied by a request from pharmacies, the collapse began.”

Now, due to the abundance of requests, the incomplete monitoring system is blocked at the final stage (or even earlier), blocking the path of the drug to the pharmacy shelf. “The MLP information system did not work (labeling of medicinal products, – editor’s note),” admitted the executive director of the Russian Association of Pharmacy Chains Nelly Ignatieva, who honestly announced the collapse of these very networks in an interview with The day before.… – It simply does not allow medicines to pass through, blocks the movement of medicines along the entire distribution chain. This can be seen along the entire chain – from the manufacturer, from the distributor. Today the warehouses are overcrowded, but the pharmaceuticals simply do not reach the pharmacy organization.

In order to somehow stabilize this stalemate, the government allowed the supply of drugs to pharmacies until February next year without registering them in the “buggy system”. This notification procedure is designed to reduce the waiting time for feedback from the system to at least 15 minutes. “If the system does not give any return response for 15 minutes, then we can sell the drug regardless of confirmation in the system,” Ignatieva added.

However, they forgot to remove responsibility from pharmacists, so the drugs still do not reach the patients who urgently need them.

As a result, almost all regions of Russia have already announced an acute shortage of drugs this fall. Chronicle’s prescribers warn that “you may have to wait a bit for delivery.” “Today we cannot carry out the drug for days! – Sergey Natarov is annoyed. “If we understand that drugs have not appeared in pharmacies, and the collapse continues in hospitals, we will demand a moratorium on the implementation of this bill.”

The X-hour, deciding the question of the moratorium, was set to 10 November. It is worth noting that in Europe a similar monitoring system has been tested for six years. For us, of course, half of this period was not enough, and now we are “on fire” everywhere. “They did not hear us and took a half-measure – they allowed several unmarked drugs to be introduced into circulation until October 1 of this year,” says Ignatieva.

The situation is not in the best way with imported drugs, which have problems at customs. “The measures that the Government is introducing with good intentions, at different levels, create problems for the operation of many foreign drugs, which are available in a single copy,” Natarov said. – If the situation does not change, we will have to introduce a moratorium to suspend the law. Let’s go back to the previous period of time when drugs were supplied to pharmacies and people could buy them. “

In addition, as we have already written, representatives of 30 charitable foundations informed the leadership of the Russian Federation about the catastrophic shortage of cancer drugs in the country for both adults and children. In an open message addressed to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, the funds note that “not expensive innovative drugs, but inexpensive drugs, which are already dozens years form the basis of treatment of cancer patients ”.

In recent weeks, funds have recorded an increase in the number of requests from parents whose children cannot start or continue treatment due to a shortage of cancer drugs. A deficit of 26 drugs was artificially created due to the cunning system of “third extra”, when, for example, a foreign company cannot win a public procurement tender if there are two Russian ones. The authors of the open letter asked to abolish this vicious practice and make the public procurement system centralized. At stake are the lives of many people, many of whom are children.

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