“the Edge Of Insolence”: Registration Of Services By Doctors – A Control Shot At Free Medicine

Mass registration of services by doctors to patients can deprive patients of timely assistance when they really need it urgently.

At a time when the “optimized” Russian medicine is on its way, and from every corner we are frightened by the terrible coronavirus statistics, we have to be doubly vigilant. Otherwise, you will either add to the number of fake covid patients, or because of the service attributed to you by unscrupulous doctors, you will not be able to pass it when you really need it badly.

The introduction of electronic medical records, it would seem, should have made it easier to obtain medical care. But this area has already become the point of application of various abuses. Just the other day, a complaint from a local student appeared on the page of the governor of the Saratov region that they flatly refuse to take a coronavirus test from him.

After a while, a complaint was published under this appeal. Svetlana Mikhailova with a reverse problem, reports “World of news“. “Sometimes I go to the website of the State Service, look through my personal account purely for the sake of curiosity,” the woman wrote. – Once again, ten days ago, I went in and saw that I had allegedly taken a test for covid in the Saratov City Clinical Hospital No. 2, although this was not the case. I think that this is already the edge of impudence, this is a disgrace. “

Mikhailova was especially outraged that the doctors did not see (or consciously did not want to see) any crime in the subject of her complaint: “I was asked for what purpose I am applying. The question, of course, surprised. I say: “In order to stop stealing and attributing. Suddenly, I still need the test, and I have already passed it. ” I was told that there would be an investigation, ”Svetlana says.

A year ago, another Saratov woman blamed for the registration Anna Mukhina: “I went to the website of the State Service, trying to figure out how to apply for a spa treatment for a child. And in the section “My health” I discovered so many interesting things about myself! It turns out that I consulted a neurologist, gynecologist and therapist. And I also passed cytology!

After taking a closer look at the data posted on the network, Anna Mukhina was amazed to learn a lot about herself. “It turned out” that she had one child, one abortion, all her relatives died of natural causes, and there were no cancer patients in the family. Do I need to clarify that in fact the patient has two children, she did not apply to the listed doctors, and Mukhina’s grandmother died of cancer!

It may seem like a funny quest only from the outside: just think – somewhere in a parallel medical reality, an alternative you has appeared, who lives his own life and creates things unknown to you! In fact, the consequences can be dire. “People find that they have subscripts, but they prefer not to take any action. After all, money for services is not paid out of pocket. But a person can be credited with a service that the state pays, for example, once a year. Let’s say it’s a clinical examination. If the patient later decides to pass it, then he may be refused. In addition, in the event of an emergency, when urgent information about the state of health is needed, the information from the state clinic will differ from reality. And this is the risk of a medical error, “says a doctor in one of the Moscow hospitals. Vladimir Shvedov.

Why did the doctors need this forgery? There are two main reasons: unrealistic plans and “May decrees” of Vladimir Putin on the salary for doctors, which is two times higher than the average (in fact, it is practically impossible to achieve such indicators). “Subscriptions are being made so that the doctor will not be deprived of his salary, because our regions are setting insane plans. I have to treat 880 people in a month, ”said a doctor at one of the city polyclinics on condition of anonymity. – And if suddenly people stop getting sick in me, then I am a bad doctor. I am not fulfilling my functions. That’s all and are forced to provide their sites with “sick”. In addition to everything, therapists have some kind of obligation for medical examination: you did not ensure the attendance of people – you are a bad doctor, you do not know how to work. Our salary consists of a salary of 12 thousand rubles and a bonus of 10 thousand. If the plan is not fulfilled, then there will be no prize, then live as you want. “

In addition, polyclinics receive payments from the state for many services in the compulsory health insurance system. True, control in this area, they say, has been tightened, and at the end of last year, over a million rubles were returned to the budget of the Moscow City Fund for Compulsory Medical Insurance (MGFOMS) for the assigned services. So, the vigilant correspondent “Russian newspaper»Found in his personal account the results of fluorography, which he did not undergo. When the deception was revealed, the clinic was fined. “Moreover, it is interesting that the clinic received only 38.34 rubles for the imaginary service, but the fine for the postscript cost her 21 thousand rubles!” – the reporter writes.

How to check the fact of postscripts and what doif they do show up? Information about them can be obtained on the website of the Territorial Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (TFOMI). To begin with, you need to log in there using a personal password from the State Services, and then get into the section “Information about the provided medical services and their cost.” Information about the services is available from September 9, 2016, but you can localize the period of interest to any period within these limits. If you find information about postscripts about yourself, immediately send a complaint to TFOMS.

Be careful: according to statistics, only 30% of complaints are confirmed due to patients’ ignorance of the intricacies of providing services (for example, the exact address of the laboratory where the tests are done) and confusion with personal data!

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