The key to successful rapeseed processing technology

The main trends and tendencies of a modern agricultural enterprise are technologies and economic feasibility.

The correspondent of the Mobile Business portal met with the General Director of UE Agrokombinat Zhdanovichi G.P. Chuiko

Grigory Petrovich, to begin with, tell us about the enterprise, what potential does it have?

UE Agrokombinat Zhdanovichi is the flagship for the implementation of innovations in agricultural production with a 100-year history. Along with the progress and growth of the classic directions: plant growing, animal husbandry and pig breeding, the company develops new promising industries – fruit growing, vegetable growing, floriculture, pickles, bumblebee breeding.

We introduce innovations, acquire modern technologies and equipment that helps to achieve a rich harvest, a high degree of processing and, as a result, a significant increase in profitability.

What brings the maximum profit to the enterprise today?

Of course, the production of vegetables, grain, meat and milk has always been and is the production of vegetables, grain, meat and milk. It is by working in close cooperation in these areas of agricultural production that the plant manages to obtain high results.

For example, daily farms of the agro-industrial complex ship 60 tons of milk to the dairy factories of the capital. The average annual milk yield on the farm is nearly 7.3 tons of milk per cow. And the potential for growth is significant. Today, the agro-industrial complex is working on increasing the livestock, which has the potential to yield up to 9 tons of milk per cow per year.

But without effective work in the field of harvesting and production of feed, it will not be possible to achieve high results. Such livestock needs, first of all, high-quality complete feed with a high protein content. The provision of protein in the form of cakes and meal for fodder production is the most pressing problem of most agricultural enterprises of the republic.

How do you deal with protein supply on the farm?

In the agricultural complex, part of the raw materials is processed on its own. One of the most efficient directions today is rapeseed processing.

So, in 2017, UE Agrokombinat Zhdanovichi acquired a line for processing oilseeds.

At a time when many agricultural enterprises considered processing rapeseed only to obtain oil and cake, we looked further and saw in this direction the possibility of obtaining high-quality protein for animal husbandry on the one hand and getting the most oil on the other hand.

Ultimately, double extrusion technology was chosen to meet these challenges. And by the way, we were probably the first or one of the first in Belarus to start working on this principle.

What is the secret to the success of double extrusion technology?

Firstly, it is the best solution when you need a high yield of oil from rapeseed and good quality cake. Thus, the residual oil content in rapeseed cake after processing is now no more than 8-9% (on average in the Republic of Belarus 12%), the yield has increased almost 1.5 times.

It must be said that experiments have been carried out on the processing of soybeans. The oil content of the cake was 6% in our country (on average in the Republic of Belarus, at least 8%). This is a very good result. And as far as we know the European ones, the American ones won’t do better.

Secondly, the extruder in the production line has a high value, a key component that ensures the production of easily digestible products. The value it has for livestock production should not be underestimated. I mean getting protein bypass. This topic can be discussed for a very long time, but we will not reveal all the secrets.

Thirdly, the technology is universal, as a complex solution for the processing of all types of oilseeds, except for rapeseed, for example, sunflower and soybeans. We have already tried to process the grown soybeans, we are working on seeds and making plans for growing it at home.

By the way, we ship rapeseed oil to the Baltic countries. Of course, the absence of a filtration line would not have made it possible to ensure export supplies of oil.

Fourthly, I will give such an example, laboratory tests of rapeseed oil obtained with and without the use of an extruder have shown that, after passing through the extruder, the oil has a lower acid number. This suggests that the problem with rapeseed grown with higher acidity can be partially solved, which in turn can become a decisive factor for the possibility of exporting it, since this indicator is tightly controlled.

A very interesting technology, who manufactures the equipment you are using?

We had to work for a long time on the choice of the equipment manufacturer. There are actually not many offers on the market. Mostly American, European and Ukrainian solutions. As you understand, the equipment from the USA and Europe is good, but very expensive.

There were mixed opinions on Ukrainian equipment, but the interest was attracted by the lower cost if the required parameters were met. Therefore, the task was set to assess the level of production, quality, reliability and durability of units, availability of service, visit existing production facilities …

The marketing research results were pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the level of the machine-building equipment park, and secondly, the experience in implementing projects around the world, including the countries of South America, Asia, Africa and of course Eastern Europe. I must say that Ukraine “Ukraine” is different. We are rural workers used to counting money, and now we can say with confidence that then we made the right choice, choosing the right technology, manufacturer and Supplier. Today colleagues come to us, including those working on more expensive equipment, but they learn and gain experience with our equipment.

How does the operation take place, are there any difficulties?

There are no special conditions for the operation of the line. The equipment is housed in an arch-type warehouse. Management is carried out by 1 operator. The line operates in automatic mode around the clock. The reliability of assemblies and mechanisms is also of great importance.

By the way, having processed about 10 thousand tons of oilseeds of rapeseed, the agricultural complex has not yet applied for spare parts to the official representative of the BRONTO plant in the Republic of Belarus, the Globalprodservice company. We often hear from our neighbors about the high cost and wear and tear of spare parts, which increases operating costs and costs, and makes recycling inefficient. It is important that the cost of spare parts correlates with the cost of the equipment, and does not amount to 70% of the cost of the main equipment after 3 or more years of operation.

The agricultural complex annually processes up to 4,000 thousand tons of its own rapeseed oilseeds. The line has a capacity reserve and can process up to 7,500 raw materials per year for 300 days per year.

Having a significant margin of productivity, work is underway to conclude contracts for the processing of rapeseed from third-party producers on tolling terms. This is a very good opportunity to earn additional income. As for the economic side of the oilseeds line, the calculation showed that the oilseeds processing workshop paid off in less than two years. And given the current rise in prices for cake and oil, I think the payback period will be less than two years.

I would like to express a separate word of gratitude to the plant «BRONTO» for the fact that they managed to dispel the myth or stereotype “About low-quality equipment from Ukraine”. Today equipment under the BRONTO trademark is manufactured at production sites in Germany, Ukraine, Poland and finds its customers all over the world.

And I would also like to mention the Supplier – the company “Globalprodservice”, because they offered a unique, effective technology, carried out the supply, commissioning of the line at the best price, which made it possible to save very decent funds for its purchase.

Considering that Zhdanovichi Agrokombinat UE spent less money on the purchase of equipment in comparison with equipment from other industries, the cost of the received ton of cake and oil becomes lower, which means that the finished product (meat and milk) has a lower cost and higher competitiveness.

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