“the Situation Was Critical”: How Heart Surgery Was Performed During A Fire

Surgeons who completed heart surgery already in the burning building of the Blagoveshchensk cardio center are worthy of respect, said Leo Bockery, Chief Cardiovascular Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Chief Cardiovascular Surgeon of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leo Boqueria admired his colleagues from the Blagoveshchensk cardio center, who performed coronary artery bypass grafting during a fire in the building.

“The situation is really critical, but my colleagues did everything absolutely correctly – and, as I understand it, the situation still allowed them to do it. They are not enemies to themselves and to the patient. I sincerely congratulate and admire my colleagues who have brought the matter to the end. And hopefully successful. Greetings from the chief cardiovascular surgeon of Russia! ” – he said in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

According to the specialist, the operation, which the doctors began even before the fire, really could not be stopped. In the worst case scenario, the patient would have to be transported to another medical facility along with the operating table and all the equipment, which would take up valuable time.

“Usually this operation is performed using a heart-lung machine on a stopped heart. The anesthesia machine is working. At this time, doctors sew the vessels to the heart. Therefore, of course, it is impossible to simply stop the operation – the patient needs to be warmed up before this, to restore cardiac activity. Otherwise, the operation will be considered incomplete and a number of vessels will simply stop supplying oxygen to the heart, ”the cardiac surgeon emphasized.

The Ministry of Health also expressed gratitude to the doctors and highly appreciated their decision to continue working despite the external threat. “The team has decided to switch to a backup source of power and oxygen and continue the operation. As a result of the coordinated actions of the clinic staff, who promptly evacuated its patients and visitors, no one was injured as a result of the incident. The patient who underwent the operation was transferred to the regional clinical hospital. Now he is in intensive care in a stable condition, “the head of the department said in a comment. Mihaila Murashko.

In the near future, the specialists of the cardio center should be awarded – the Governor of the Amur Region has already ordered this. Vasily Orlov: “Medical workers, those who remained at their combat post and continued the operation, as well as firefighters <...> should be nominated for appropriate awards. I also gave such an order to the apparatus ”.

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According to the media, at the time of the appearance of the fire in the building of the medical center, three operations were carried out. Two of them were completed ahead of schedule. Six doctors and three nurses remained to finish their work. “The man needs to be saved, so everything was done at the highest level. The operation was carried out completely, without any peculiarities, “the head of the cardiac surgery department told reporters. Valentin Filatov.

“There was no panic, all the employees, those who were there, approached the equipment, checked if everything was in order, since we had a patient on the device, we understood that all this threatened the patient’s life,” the anesthesiologist added. resuscitator Antonina Smolina.

The fire in the cardiac surgery center occurred on Friday afternoon – the roof caught fire.

Photo: Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Amur Region

It was assigned an increased difficulty level, 59 firefighters were involved in the liquidation. A total of 67 people were evacuated from the building. 14 patients were sent home, 49 people were placed in the premises of the Amur Medical Academy, three in the regional hospital.

The regional prosecutor’s office is already investigating the causes of the fire. “The preliminary cause of the fire is a malfunction in the electrical wiring,” the department said.

The city authorities, meanwhile, are considering a plan to restore the building of the cardio center. “The building is historic, it needs to be mothballed now, the rains are starting, respectively, the roof is damaged, I also gave an order to allocate funds from the government reserve fund to carry out emergency work on the preservation of the building, as well as to prepare design documentation with the subsequent comprehensive reconstruction of this facility” – said the head of the region Orlov.

“This is our object of supervision and control. The building was built in 1905-1907 as a prayer house for spiritual Christians (Molokans). Today we will hold a meeting with the governor of the region on this issue. We will consider the issue of assistance in restoration and repair after a fire, “the head of the regional department for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage objects told Interfax. Ekaterina Musnitskaya.

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