There is no vaccine, but you hold on: the Kremlin has appointed the one who will defeat the covid in Russia

Dmitry Medvedev will save Russia from covid! This became clear when Vladimir Putin signed a decree on his appointment as the head of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on the creation of a national system of protection against new infections.

According to the document, the tasks of the new commission include “assessing internal and external threats associated with the spread of infectious diseases, monitoring the spread of such infections”, as well as “organizing comprehensive scientific research to develop solutions for diagnosis, prevention and treatment.” On all these issues, the commission is called upon to prepare proposals for the Security Council.

About who else will be included in its composition is not reported. Presumably, not only office employees from among civil servants. It is not yet clear how the newly-minted commission will work – discussing and approving what has already been developed by specialists?

Noteworthy Russian wits were quick to respond to the new appointment of the unpopular ex-prime minister. Their topical comments appeared on the network, like a meme launched at one time by Dmitry Anatolyevich himself: “There is no vaccine, the doctors are tired, but you are holding on!” …

And so Dmitry Anatolyevich has already offered the Russians to provide free medicines:

“We need to set the task of providing all citizens with prescription drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor, at the expense of public funds, using the mechanisms of compulsory drug insurance,” Medvedev said. This is reported on the website of his party.

The coronavirus, meanwhile, continues to advance. The number of infected is growing in our country (in fact, as well as in almost the whole world) day by day, significantly exceeding the maximum values ​​of the so-called first wave. According to the operational headquarters, over the past day alone, 13,868 infected with COVID-19 (+276) were recorded in 85 regions of Russia. The number of dead Russians also increased – plus 244 people. In total, over the entire period of the pandemic, 22,966 of our compatriots died.

Sad leadership in all these indicators by Tuesday morning, as well as last spring, at the First Throne, where 334,813 new cases of infection were recorded. Lethality – 1.68%. The second “advanced” the Moscow region – 77,831 new infected. The lethality is 1.82%. In the Northern capital – 48129 “new arrivals”, and the mortality rate is simply depressing – 6.73%.

At the same time, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova does not get tired of radiating optimism. After all, in our country, she says, seven times fewer people are infected with covid than in Israel! It is not excluded that it is “fueled” by the optimism of the Kremlin. There by mouth Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, the growth of covid-patients is explained by the failure of the population to comply with the requirements of the regime and ignoring personal protective equipment. Everybody would wear masks with gloves, leave the house unnecessarily, and there would be no “second wave!

“More advanced treatment protocols have already been developed that allow for lower mortality. In addition, the bed fund has been prepared, it allows you to receive more infected people and provides opportunities for a more effective and quick cure, ”stressed Dmitry Sergeevich.

He is echoed (well, how else?) The St. Petersburg governor Alexander Beglov… “I ask everyone to use personal protective equipment and maintain social distance,” he regularly reminds. “This is our main reserve in the fight against the epidemic today.”

If you believe him, St. Petersburg is also saved by the weather: because of the warm autumn in September and early October, a wave of seasonal flu has not yet arrived here, which “reduces the burden on the healthcare system and gives an opportunity to maneuver, primarily in terms of hospital beds.”

Everything is so, if not for …

Here it is just right to remember the past September. In particular, Sunday, the 13th, which fell on the Single voting day. In preparation for it, much was said about remote voting “now available to everyone.”

In fact, the overwhelming number of Russians who participated in these elections were forced to go to the polling stations to express their will. Because the online resource was available (not counting the capital) only to residents of only two more regions – Yaroslavl and Kursk. An innovation did not work either – the ability to vote not in one day, but within three. But what normal hard worker will be dragged to the polling station tired after work or, even better, before it, in the early morning? Will the pensioner leave the dacha ahead of schedule – in warm weather?

As a result, few places on the sites managed to avoid the crush. They checked, by the way, those who came, superficially, not everyone even measured the temperature – I judge not only by my native Peter, but also by the responses of voters from different regions in social networks. And what does this very measurement give? Only that at the moment the temperature of a particular citizen is normal. There have been many examples over the past months, when yesterday with a person “everything is fine”, and today an ambulance is called for him.

Hasn’t the second wave of covid started walking around Russia, gaining momentum, since that September 2020 Election Day? Did the authorities monitor the situation on the ground then? Something about this was not heard …

“When you go to the store, make up a shopping list in advance, do not stay there,” both Rospotrebnadzor and government officials remind us ten times a day. But after a three-month quarantine, many stores have laid off employees. Where there were three sellers, only one remained, where five cashiers (hypermarkets) – at best, two. Would you like it or not, stand in line. And she is diverse.

Some are in full “coronavirus parade” – in a mask, gloves, a jacket with all buttons, the collar is raised. And who (there are many) does not bother himself with individual protection. The “scarecrow” of administrators “we will not serve”, idle chatter – they serve, money is more important than infection. And the citizens themselves are to blame?

In the Petersburg metro, they began to regularly check the presence of masks on passengers. The best time for this, it was decided in Smolny, was rush hour. The pandemonium that is happening now because of this at the turnstiles, where the inspectors are standing, are inferior in mass scale and intensity of passions, except perhaps to the Babylonian one. The funny thing (if this word is appropriate here, of course) is that when they finally reach the escalator, people take off their masks.

We can also mention the obviously hasty opening of flights with Turkey. My acquaintances, barely learning that “Istanbul accepts”, immediately booked a hotel room in a popular local resort, bought tickets, and rushed to the sea – husband, wife and their 6-year-old son.

We got “on the other side” exactly under the “wave” of a sharp increase in the incidence. We spent two weeks at the hotel at our own expense, admiring the seascape from the windows of the hotel room. A week later, upon his return, the boy had a fever and began to cough. Before that, I managed to visit the kindergarten, and dad and mom are at work. Fortunately, nothing happened – a common cold. Although, who knows, given the haphazard features of COVID-19, which can “wake up” when you don’t expect …

By the way, many citizens fly to Turkey, who have been blocked in Moscow with preferential travel social cards. Those who are 65 plus. It is logical. If you can’t travel around the city, you have to fly wherever you can. This is how we build protection against coronavirus.

I don’t even want to talk about the influx of tourists to Crimea and Sochi. In August, the Crimean authorities happily reported “about millions of tourists who have rested on the peninsula.” And recently she lamented: the number of covid-infected among local residents is growing. Why would it be all of a sudden, huh?

Are undisciplined citizens to blame for all this, too?

We know that the coronavirus came to us from Wuhan, China. There, and then in some other cities of the PRC, the situation during the first three months was not easy. In the next three I began to straighten out. In May, when we were exhausted from quarantine restrictions in Russia, the Chinese were already enjoying their usual life again. Now, we have either the second peak of the first wave, or the second itself, the opinions of experts differ.

There are only dozens, and on another day, only a few new cases. And, as a rule, from those who returned from abroad. And this is in a country with a population of 1 billion. 406 million 231 thousand 105 people – against our 146 748 590 people? Not to mention the Russian territory with its spaces, and the crowded population of China. In many countries of the world these days, strict epidemiological safety measures are returning. And in China, at the moment, only one measure is desirable – face masks.

“The Chinese are disciplined and that explains a lot. But this is not the only point, – believes Maina Bichurina, a world-famous virologist, doctor of sciences, head of the laboratory of viral infections at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after V.I. Pasteur. – In this country, tough response measures were taken in a timely manner. I would even say very tough. Those who risked violating them were immediately sent to prison. For repeated violation, the death penalty was threatened. No doubt real! “

– In an epidemic, this is probably correct.

– I am not sure. It should be borne in mind that in the PRC the epidemic was, in fact, only in one province. It did not touch such megalopolises as Beijing and Shanghai. Because they were promptly cut off from outsiders. Including from other countries of the world. And our virus is mainly imported – from those Russians who returned from foreign business trips, tourist trips. How many flights were there in March-April, remember? Thousands of people, many of whom are likely to have already been infected. And they returned not from China, but from countries, mainly European and the United States. Many of my colleagues, I note, have long come to the conclusion that the covid is not of Chinese origin.

– You are not the only specialist who believes that one of the main mistakes of our government is the export of fellow citizens from other countries in the midst of a pandemic. It is clear that it is wrong to leave them in a dangerous situation far from the Motherland, but it was probably possible to organize their treatment where they were at that moment … Maina Alexandrovna, many in our country are now afraid of a new quarantine. The economy may simply not be able to withstand it!

– The spring-summer quarantine did not lead to anything good. In a pandemic, one of the main tasks is to develop herd immunity. This is, in principle, not a quick matter, and under the conditions of a ban on communication between people, one can wait for decades at all. Today in St. Petersburg 25% of the population has immunity to covid. In Moscow, as far as I know, about the same. In general, the country is less. And it is necessary that it was 60-70%. Even for the flu, of which we all seem to know, we cannot achieve this. What can we say about COVID-19, an infection of a completely new, poorly understood.

– Epidemiologists, virologists, and after them Rospotrebnadzor specialists disagree about the timing of the second wave. Some talk about two or three weeks, some about three or even four months. What do you think?

– It is impossible to predict the exact timing of the end of both the second wave and the pandemic itself. Everyone who names them is just trying to guess. We need, as I said, herd immunity. And, of course, a reliable vaccine, which will not be known when it will be. In short, you have to wait.

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