There were no Russians? The mystery of the origin of the Russian people

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Secrets of the ancient Rus. According to Russian President V.V. Putin, Russians did not appear earlier than the 9th century. n. e. However, there is another opinion. So, DNA genealogy shows that the ancestors of the Russians were the Aryans, who lived on the Russian Plain already 5-6 thousand years ago. This is another proof that the northern (Russian) civilization has existed for more than one millennium and that the direct ancestors of the Rus-Russians were the Scythians, and before them the Aryans and Hyperboreans.

There were no Russians?

Putin once again criticized Lenin. The President of the Russian Federation addressed this topic on Tuesday at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) on December 10, 2019. In his opinion, the creator of Soviet Russia, Vladimir Lenin, “laid a mine” under the thousand-year-old Russian statehood.

At the same time, Putin raised the topic of the origin of the Russian people: “Who are the Russians? There were practically no Russians until the 9th century, it (the Russian people. – Auth.) Gradually evolved from many ethnic groups. ” Thus, the head of state unwittingly supported the opponents of the Russian people. In particular, Polish historians and current Ukrainian nationalists, who argue that Russians are a mixture of Slavs, Finno-Ugric peoples, Mongols and other ethnic groups. For example, Putin remembered the Khazar Kaganate, whose population professed Judaism, but ethnically did not belong to the Jewish people. The Khazars became part of the Russian state and the Russian ethnos.

True, the fact is that ethnically at least a significant part or even the majority of the inhabitants of Khazaria were Slav-Rus. This issue is disclosed in more detail in the article on “VO”: The Mystery of Russian Khazaria.

The mystery of the origin of Russians

There is more and more information that does not fit into the “classic” version of the story that was introduced to us from the West. At the same time, this information reinforces the position of historians and researchers who refused to believe in the schemes of the “biblical” and Romano-Germanic schools. From the very beginning, the science of history was skillfully directed in a certain direction. This business began with the Roman and Greek chroniclers, who represented Greece, Rome and Byzantium as advanced “enlightened” civilizations, cultural ecumene, and other peoples were declared “barbarians”. Then this tradition was continued by Catholic Rome.

Only those historians and schools were financed that fit into a certain channel of “biblical” and Romano-Germanic history. All others were deliberately jammed, suppressed, distorted and destroyed. Sources that contradicted the version accepted in the West were destroyed, rewritten, and hid in the archives of the Vatican. This is the truth of our life. The story is written by the winner. He writes for himself, for himself and for the programming of “non-historical” peoples that are being colonized and exploited. History is a powerful priority of management, which will make it possible to program the course of development of mankind, peoples and countries for hundreds of years to come. This is a question of globalization, governance of humanity, the planet, global politics.

For the last three hundred years, the planet has been dominated by the Western world and its “centers” of control “: Rome, London and Washington. Therefore, in the West they write history for themselves and for themselves. It is enough to pay attention to the last two or three decades to notice how the history of World War II was rewritten in the world, respectively, and its main part – the Great Patriotic War. Now for the overwhelming part of the “world community” Russia-USSR is an aggressor, like the Third Reich, the figure of Stalin is placed next to Hitler, Russian, Soviet soldiers are “occupiers”, not liberators. Moreover, the myth is already being actively implemented that Hitler is better than Stalin, since he was the “defender” of enlightened Europe from “Russian barbarians” and Bolsheviks.

The history of mankind is written in the West. In addition to the East, where there are schools and historical myths, but they defend only their own peoples and civilizations, the West completely dominates at the global level. “Biblical” and Romano-Germanic schools, which imposed their “classical (academic”) school on Russia. The union of these schools is very powerful. Any step aside in the interpretation of historical processes is punishable by immediate excommunication from the “classical school”, that is, from grants, funding, any material, financial and informational support. Only one historical myth is created that satisfies the rulers of the West.

We should follow the path of Russian historians, ascetics, who refused to acknowledge the “fact” that “there were no Russians”, that the Slavs “crawled out of the swamps and forests” not earlier than the 6th-9th centuries. That the Russian state was created by the Norman Vikings, the Scandinavian Germans and Greek missionaries who baptized the “wild” Slavs. They gave them writing, culture, crafts, pulled them out of the darkness of paganism, when the Russians “prayed to stumps.” Among the Russian ascetics M. V. Lomonosov, V. N. Tatishchev, E. I. Klassen, D. I. Ilovaisky, A. F. Veltman, M. K. Lyubavsky, B. A. Rybakov, Yu. D. Petukhov , V. N. Demin, V. A. Chudinov and many others.

If our state stopped funding the “world community” and its institutions and finally took up the history of the Russian people in national and state interests, including large-scale archaeological excavations, then we could learn a lot of interesting things about our own past and world history. So, they would know that Hyperborea, the land of the Aryans and Great Scythia is our Motherland, Russia. That in the recent past the Russians (Rus) inhabited the vast lands of Europe and Asia, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Balkans, Northern Italy. That two millennia ago there were no current local inhabitants, young nations that appeared only in the II millennium AD. e. – Poles, Lithuanians, Germans, Austrians, Danes, Swedes, French, etc. All of them appeared as a result of the centuries-old expansion of the Mediterranean South to the North and East, headed by the papal throne. For centuries, romanization, Germanization, romanization, forced assimilation, the pitting of the indigenous peoples of Europe, the genocide of the recalcitrant, the displacement of the Slav-Rus to the east were deliberately carried out.

And the Rus, our direct ancestors, lived in Hyperborea, the country of the Aryans and Great Scythia. They spoke the language of the Rus (Russian). This is indisputably proved by the toponymy of Europe, the root foundations of the Russian language, which are easily traced in all languages ​​of young sons and daughters of ethnic groups. It is clear that one cannot talk about a certain empire, a huge state formation throughout this territory (there were many different states), but one can safely talk about the ethnocultural and linguistic community of the Rus of Europe and Asia (Hyperborean Rus). For example, the Lithuanians became a separate people only in the XIII-XV centuries, before that they spoke the same language as the Russian-Rus, worshiped Perun in time even more than the Russians of Kiev, Vladimir and Novgorod. Previously, there was the same ethnocultural and linguistic community with the “Germans” who were made “dumb” only after many centuries of bloody battles, massacres and fires, destroying the “Slavic Atlantis” in Central Europe (“Slavic Atlantis” in Central Europe).

We see a colorful modern example of these political, informational, ideological, historical and linguistic technologies of the West in Little Russia – Ukraine. Where in just a century (especially this process has accelerated in the last three decades) have created a “Ukrainian chimera” – Rus-Russians, who were made to believe that they are a different people. Russians who speak Russian, think in Russian and swear in Russian, whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers are Russian, all history, culture and faith are Russian. But at the same time they are “Ukrainians” who were pitted against other Russians who still remember this. So the West created another “battering ram” directed against the Russian civilization and the Russian ethnos. As earlier he created the Polish Poland (from the Rus-Polyans), fiercely hating the Russians, and before that the “German” knight-dogs from the Slavonic Russians of Central Europe.

Thus, the Russian ethnocultural and linguistic community (historian Yu. D. Petukhov introduced the concept of “super-ethnos of the Rus”) from ancient times occupied a vast territory of Europe, the Urals and Siberia. If, over time, settlements are found beyond the Arctic Circle and under the strata of the Arctic Ocean, then we can confidently predict that these were settlements of Rus-Russians. Then, with the onset of cold weather, these clans of the Rus died or left to the south. So many clans of Aryan-Rus reached India, and in the higher castes of Hindus (brahmana priests and kshatriya warriors) there are still many of our genetic relatives. There was no other “mysterious” civilization in Russia. By the time when young daughter and filial ethnic groups appeared in Europe, the first people of the Rus already had many millennia of their history and culture. In Europe, this fact was hidden under the terms “Aryans”, “Hyperboreans” and “Indo-Europeans”. It is impossible to admit the fact that the Russians (Russians) lived and worked before the appearance of the Germans, French, British or Italians. It will be a terrible geopolitical, informational and historical defeat for the West.

To be continued…

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