Three American hypotheses about the Russian Poseidon

“Poseidon” – a Doomsday weapon or is it a myth?

Another article in Forbes caused a stir, moreover, more in our country than in the USA. Indeed, everyone is interested in how real “Status-6” or “Poseidon” is and whether it is worth fearing and fearing.

Naturally, there are more than enough reflections on this topic. And hypotheses that do not even require confirmation, because they are clear fruits of reflections on a free topic with a fantastic bias.

So what can you say about how Poseidon is viewed in the US and what comments can we make from our side?

Hypothesis No. 1. Optimistic. Poseidon doesn’t exist. This is Putin’s propaganda.

Here are the most distrustful Americans, for whom “Poseidon” is a real myth. And what was shown is a model made of cardboard and sticks, which they tried to pass off as a torpedo. Plus, of course, the cartoon from the Ministry of Defense played into the hands of skeptics.

Overseas skeptics argue their opinion by the fact that Putin organized the show of the Poseidon project in a somewhat pretentious manner. Yes, in the United States, the Russian leader has a reputation as a cunning gambler who always has something hidden up his sleeve. And which can always play unexpectedly.

The fact that Putin could simply organize a propaganda action and show a model under the guise of Poseidon. For what purpose – it is clear, to intimidate the United States.

But “Poseidon”, like “Petrel”, is just propaganda, the purpose of which is to “take fright” and which has nothing under it.

Pros: very calming for the American society, which does not like unrest. Moreover, such unrest.

Cons: if “Poseidon” exists, it can become a very sad fact not so much in application as it will be enough to simply collapse the hypothesis for a crisis in American society to begin.

Hypothesis No. 2. Neutral. Poseidon exists, but it is not Status-6

There are experts who believe that Poseidon is nothing more than a research apparatus, which, again, for propaganda purposes, is passed off as an underwater drone.

That is, there is propaganda, but in contrast to hypothesis No. 1, at least there is an apparatus. Perhaps he has nothing to do with what Putin said.

From here it is completely incomprehensible whether Poseidon is really a huge unmanned nuclear warhead or just a research apparatus that the Russians are trying to pass off as a “doomsday” weapon.

Pros: the same as in # 1. Calming down. However, the level of calmness is much lower, since there is some kind of apparatus, and what it really is – the grandmother said in two.

Cons: the possibility of the existence of “Poseidon” as a real combat drone increases.

Hypothesis No. 3. Pessimistic. Poseidon is a real weapon, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

The adherents of the third point of view are less susceptible to skepticism, and believe that Russia has succeeded in creating such an apparatus. And “Poseidon” is really “Status-6”, and it is possible that this is not empty propaganda, but a real weapon.

Once again, this is confirmed from time to time by the information that leaks through the media that Poseidon has some priority in development and funding. However, even this pessimistic part of the Americans does not consider Poseidon a good weapon capable of undermining their confidence in the future.

Pros: mobilizes the nation to counteract, because whoever is forewarned is armed.

Cons: and how to deal with a deep-sea atomic thing, which is even difficult to detect?

To be honest, hypothesis # 1 is frankly weak and is held solely by optimism. But in the end, we also have enough adherents of radical opinions in our country.

However, the main evidence is the presence of the K-329 Belgorod. The same carrier for Poseidon. Indeed, it was not worth spending so much money and so radically altering the boat so that it would serve exclusively propaganda. This is not the case and the timing is somewhat inappropriate for such moves. It could have easily been made cheaper.

If “Belgorod” is really made for “Poseidon”, then it is difficult to deny that having taken on board 6 of these vehicles, “Belgorod” will not be able to secretly deliver them to the deployment area. It can easily. And if we consider that the second launch vehicle, Khabarovsk, is on its way, then the construction of a base for 30 such vehicles is justified.

Three dozen underwater drones with nuclear warheads deployed, say, along the Atlantic coast of America is strong.

And absolutely nothing that the carrier is one (two), no one is in a hurry, right? Belgorod will take six torpedoes and calmly deploy them at some distance from the US coast. And when the hour “H” comes, the devices, having received the corresponding signal, will go to the US coast and there will explode, causing a radioactive tsunami.

By the way, from Boston to Miami is only 2,000 km, so the distance between the devices will be less than 100 km. And I think that if not Noah’s flood, then his rehearsal. And little will not seem to anyone.

Moreover, the Americans themselves are well aware that it will be very, very difficult to find Poseidon.

Yes, some experts like Kingston Reef argue that the very essence of using Poseidon by launching it from a submarine near the Russian coast and moving towards the US coast at a speed of even 100 knots is nonsense. The road will take two days.

Yes, at least five, by the way. It is clear that in the scenario of the Last World War, the one who strikes first must win. Or whose blow will be more effective. But excuse me, who canceled the blow of retaliation? Or what, after two days “does not count”?

“If we proceed from the fact that this apparatus will indeed be adopted for service (and I have certain doubts about this), then what is the value of such a weapon, which takes so long to reach its target?” – K. Reef.

What difference does it make how long it will take to reach the Poseidon target? What is important, as it were, is the result, that is, the impact of the tsunami on the coastal megacities of the Atlantic coast of the United States.

There is a certain logic in the words of the American. American. And according to that logic, yes, nuclear-armed missiles are a more reliable means of delivery.

And the underwater atomic vehicle with a nuclear charge, such a leisurely one, does not look serious in comparison with an intercontinental ballistic missile?

Nuance. And where should he hurry? And then, I like the option more when the Poseidons do not have to creep away from the Russian territorial waters and go unknowingly as far as the American shores. I like the layout more when the devices are dragged quietly and secretly by the “Belgorod” and placed where necessary. Close to activation points.

And then the pessimistic Americans will be able to say that their predictions have been successful. If they see the Wave. Or vice versa, optimists will rejoice when they don’t see.

In general, American experts admit that there is a certain logic in the creation of such an openly perverted weapon as Poseidon. You can create nothing at all, but scare you systematically and regularly. It will be very difficult to check.

Accordingly, it is entirely possible that the Kremlin actually believes that Poseidon is capable of playing a significant role in a nuclear war that will end civilization. Or maybe Moscow just wants the world to believe in the possibility of this crazy undertaking and not attack it.

And both versions are logical. Thus, Russia has a chance to kill two birds with one stone with one Poseidon.

That is why today there are so many skeptics in the United States who are not examples of optimism. Fortune-telling on coffee grounds with the complete impotence of intelligence is not easy.

Whatever Poseidon is intended for, it is likely that in modern Russia there is an opportunity to build several dozen (three, as you can see, will be enough for a decent cataclysm) of such devices and a base for their deployment.

And while the whole of America is puzzled over the fact that this is Putin’s successful propaganda trick or military vehicles, enough time may pass for the Belgorod to slowly drag the Poseidons closer to the US coast.

Not an easy choice for the American man in the street who doesn’t like any elections at all, except for the presidential one.

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