TOP-10 Stereotypes about the first class that do not correspond to reality

Regardless of whether you have ever been to first grade before, it should be admitted that being there is the dream of each of us. However, we are particularly interested in some of the stereotypes surrounding the world of first class travelers that have (or have not) been validated over the years. Today we will try to open the veil of secrecy and find out, this is such a secret.

10. It’s not as cool as a private jet

Private jets can often be more crowded inside than on a commercial flight, and since they tend to have slightly different regulations, they are somewhat less safe than commercial jets.

These two factors lead to the conclusion that a private jet is not really much better than a first class on board a large liner, and in addition, buying a private jet will be much more expensive than buying a first class ticket.

9. It’s always convenient

You can shell out all your money for a first class seat, but there is no guarantee that you will be comfortable.

After all, you are all flying in the air in a tin box and this should not be underestimated. There may be recliners on board and some really nice duvet covers, but we need to stop living in a fantasy world – because that allows companies to not strain too hard to provide customers with the best they can.

8. Will you see a celebrity

Quite a few people who have enough money to pay for a first class ticket are not really rich, and this is one of the biggest misconceptions humans are capable of.

So while there is of course a small chance that you will look up and see someone you like to see on TV every now and then, don’t make that waiting one of the main reasons for flying in first class rather than economy class. … It really doesn’t make sense.

7. The staff is always nice to you

Staff may receive a little more money for first class customer service, but this rule does not apply to aircraft of all companies. Employees may get up on the wrong foot in the morning, or they may dislike you because you are rich, not them, which, of course, will affect how you will be served.

6. Everyone who flies first class is too pretentious

People work hard to be able to fly first class, and this is obvious. Sure, some of them may have more money or be born into wealth, but each has its own story.

The idea that everyone who flies first class imagines a lot about themselves is fundamentally wrong, and to generalize in this case is completely wrong. It is wrong to judge book on its cover, and most often such expectations are met by a maximum of 5%.

5. All services are provided free of charge

If you want another shaving lotion or a super expensive bottle of champagne, then you have to pay for it. Just because we think the rich and famous get everything on a silver platter doesn’t mean they don’t have to pay for it.

If all first class services were free, then literally each of us would save up our hard-earned cash, if only to take advantage of all the first class amenities once during the flight. Alas, this is not entirely true.

4. No one will know that you were flying

We’ve already said once that if you are lucky enough to become famous and you do not want to attract attention, then flying first class is not the best solution.

Firstly, you do not get on the plane through a separate “secret” entrance, and secondly, do not underestimate the abilities of crazy paparazzi and fans who can figure out where you are flying from and from where, even if it seems impossible.

3. After that, you will no longer be able to fly in Economy Class.

The point is not that commoners are forced to be content with economy class and cannot even think about choosing for themselves the first class. Many people see Economy Class as a great way to fly wherever they need to, and we tend to agree with them.

Even if you are someone who is about to return from first class back to economy, you have nothing to worry about. Of course, it will not be so luxurious there, but you can adapt to everything.

2. First class is the same for all airlines

Emirates may be different from Delta, Delta may be different from Virgin, and so on and so forth. Everyone is developing unique ideas to make their first class special, and we truly believe it is worth the money.

Only the passengers themselves can compare the difference between the first class of each airline, and not assume that all first classes will be the same. Flying is always a lot of fun, and it’s also fun to fly first class, but only you decide what you want.

1. You will get there faster

We don’t think there are many people who seriously believe in this. We understand that people think that time passes faster, because they can comfortably sleep through the entire flight, but this does not mean that the pilot demonstrates miracles of speed.

It seems that way because in first-class comfort, you miss all the chaos that occurs during the flight, and you are not so nervous. But this is where it all ends.

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