We made our way and are falling apart! Pravda newspaper, 1934

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Thy righteousness is like the mountains of God, and Thy fate is a great abyss!
Psalm 35: 7

History and documents. So, last time we finished with 1933 (“Pravda” newspaper of 1933 about fascism and fascists “) and today we will see what she wrote in 1934. And we will start with international events, and then move on to Soviet news.

As always, a very large place in the Soviet press was occupied by the fate of the defendants in the case of the arson of the Reichstag, and the newspaper Pravda wrote about them constantly. Van der Lubbe was the worst. He was executed! “Don’t set fire to the Reichstag!”

A note on the execution of van der Lubbe

But in Poland it was a hard life!

But then 1934 was marked by “Soviet-Polish rapprochement”

And it was expressed specifically in the extension of the Soviet-Polish non-aggression pact until 1945.

The newspaper continued to write about the fascists as well. Well, for example, that in Germany they cannot master the adopted four-year plan …

And also that in neighboring Austria there are battles between workers and fascists!

Theoretical article. “Who will the working class of Germany follow?”

And then the “Night of the Long Knives” happened in Germany, and this is what Pravda reported about it

“Rem committed suicide”

It just so happened that this material was preceded by materials from 1937, including those that talked about leaky bags, scattered grain and other shortcomings in agriculture. But … it all began not in this significant year, but much, much earlier. And if in the repressive 37th they could not end them, then what can we say about the 34th? And here, for example, what problems in the agriculture of the USSR in 1934 the newspaper “Pravda” reported.

“Black board” of shame!

In the collective farms of Kazakhstan, bourgeois degenerates deceived the party and the Soviet government!

Ukraine for grain in a deep breakthrough!

Well, anti-state tendencies flourished in Eastern Siberia

As you can see, bread “flowed” to the side in 1934 as well. But it also “flowed” in 1937 … It turns out that it was not possible to eliminate its “current” in three years? But what is this? The trend, however!

The kulaks are mentioned in the materials of the 1937 newspaper, but in the 34th they were even more supposed to be!

Although the newspaper constantly called for punishing the enemies of the people, the situation in agriculture, judging by the same articles of 1937 and reports of the NKVD, practically did not change for the better.

And the kulaks also stole bread, and with impunity. These are the ones! ..

And then tractors were poorly repaired …

… And motors!

It means that the “gang” got into the MTS and ruined everything. And here, against your will, you will recall our entire subsequent history … Then the “gang” made its way into the MTS, and in the state … and in the state, whoever did not make it up to the Central Committee. And too … he was falling apart! And all the others looked at it and only clapped their ears and blinked their eyes. It’s strange somehow …

Here we go again! “The fists have made their way … and are destroying the collective farm!” And numerous complaints backfired!

And this was happening everywhere! The mess was complete – one word!

And here it is about how the fist again … got through …

There is something incomprehensible here at all. What are the opportunists? Where did it come from? Why did they need to disrupt garden sowing?

And sabotage? It has already been! For example, at Mosenergo …

But they fought with him! And so that everyone was discouraged, show trials were already arranged over the pests. For the time being “on the little things”

And here is one of the fighters against the enemies!

And the perpetrators were brought to justice … Including for bad soap!

But the transport also worked poorly, in one place there was one thing, in another – another!

But shooting training in the USSR and in the 34th and later was given great attention …

… as well as teaching the humanities like history, geography, etc. It was from 1934 that they began to be taught in our schools.

But the most important informational phenomenon of 1934 was, of course, the “Congress of Winners”, the 17th Congress of the CPSU (b)

On the presidium of the congress Stalin, Kalinin, Kaganovich

1,966 delegates arrived at the Congress, including 1,227 with a casting vote and 739 with an advisory vote, who represented 1,872,488 party members and another 935,298 candidates.

“Employees of central institutions, not counting members of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission, had 166 mandates, or 23%, members of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission – 175 mandates, or 24%, local party organizations had 395 mandates, or 53%.”

Among the delegates, 60% were workers and 8% were peasants; delegates-party workers were 40%, Soviet administrative bodies – 10.2%, agricultural workers – 10%, military – 7.3% and “transport workers” – 6%. However, the congress is much more interesting with other figures. Of all these chosen, “pure” and “devoted”, honored and authoritative, over time, many were … shot. Thus, out of 139 members and candidates for members of the Central Committee of the party elected at the 17th Party Congress, 70% were arrested and shot in 1937-1938. as “enemies of the people.” Of the 1966 delegates to the same congress with a decisive and deliberative vote, more than half – 1108 people – were convicted of counter-revolutionary speeches. That is, almost every one of those present turned out to be an enemy in the end! Or did they “deteriorate” so much in the remaining three years? ..

And here is a very interesting photo. Of the 19 people, 11 props their heads on it with their hands. Some are clearly asleep. Either the speaker tired them beyond measure, or they got tired of everything, or they just got tired. But there was no need to give such a photo. Put everyone in the right place and then command: “Make everyone interested and listen with great attention!” And only then shoot! And so, after all, someone could have thought something bad … And it’s okay to think. To tell!

Another interesting photo. Soviet two-turret tank T-26 with a 37-mm cannon and a machine gun knocks down a tree

Comrade Lebedev near the T-27 tankette

American aircraft carrier “Saratoga”. Nice shot, isn’t it? But why is he here?

PS For now, the publication of newspaper materials will have to be interrupted by years. The archive is closed for coronavirus reasons.

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