Well-groomed foot skin is the way to a comfortable life

Calluses on tender places, cracked heels and crooked ingrown nails – most often it is painful and ugly

So how do you fix your feet problem?

Problem number 1 – heels cracking a lot

The skin on the heels of the feet cracks at any time of the year, but very often this happens in the summer.
So what does it depend on? Of course, this is bad, untimely foot care or very frequent treatment of the skin of the heels. Often the skin of overweight people cracks, due to the heavy load on the feet. It is also more likely in those who walk a lot, for example, who work as a courier, as well as in people with a genetic disposition.

There are, of course, more serious problems. These are hormonal disorders, a person suffers from diabetes mellitus or has problems with the thyroid gland, as well as people with foot skin fungus.

What to do and how to be? Due to the fact that there are many reasons for cracked skin on the legs, you need to go to an appointment with a trusted therapist. And after we understand that this is not associated with some kind of disease, then we already solve the problem through a dermatologist. Treatment will be comprehensive. In addition to various procedures on the legs, it will be necessary to apply ointments that heal, glue from cracks and plasters that will more or less protect skin damage. You will also have to change your diet, take vitamins, wear loose and comfortable shoes.

Problem number 2 – ingrown nails

What is the problem with these nails? The most basic and simple thing is incorrect cutting of the nail plate. The ideal nail shape is a square with slightly rounded edges. In no case should you cut your nails very short. Short-cut nails cause discomfort, and the nail plate does not grow properly.

What to do and how to be? Removing such a nail with an operating method is an urgent need. Even after surgery, there is no guarantee that it will grow properly. To cure a nail with a modern method, you need an orthopedic plate, the so-called bracket system, which is placed on the nail plate and straightens it. After installing such a plate, the nail no longer presses on the skin around it, which allows the affected area to heal and continue to function normally.

Problem number 3 – calluses

What is the corn? Most likely due to shoes, and it may be due to a violation of the shape of the feet, flat feet, for example.

How to solve a problem? It is worth noting that it is impossible to cut off, tear off the corns, you can bring in an infection and everything will go on in a different, difficult way. So, first, steam your feet in water and soap, into which you can add soda, after which you need to treat the skin with pumice. For high efficiency, it is worth going to a beauty salon and doing medical hardware pedicure legs. We also use corn plasters that contain benzoic, salicylic acid (cannot be used often, read the instructions carefully before use). If you can’t cope with the problem, then boldly go to an orthopedist. The doctor will use special insoles, toe separators or liners.

Problem number 4 – feet sweat a lot

For what and why? The first thing worth saying is that this appears in adolescence and later by itself will pass. Next, these are disorders of the endocrine system, it is worth working on the state of the body – to clean it. Perhaps it was passed on by genes, from your close or distant relatives.

What should you do? If you are overweight, then we get rid of it. In any case, we refuse hot and spicy dishes, especially before you need to go somewhere and refuse such dishes at a party. You need to get rid of synthetic shoes and switch to shoes made from natural materials. We observe delicate hygiene, take a shower 2 times a day, wash our feet with soap. Also, a contrast shower is useful for the feet. Extreme measures are flavored insoles, and there is also foot deodorant (deodorant is applied to dry and clean skin, otherwise there will be no effect).

He goes in for sports, we go in for a stable, to strengthen our vegetative system.

If everything is bad and nothing helps, then we go to an appointment with an endocrinologist, if we didn’t help, we go to a neurologist, perhaps all this is due to nervousness.

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