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The scouts of the Trans-Baikal Territory have received a batch of modernized special machine guns ASM “Val”, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The weapon differs from other samples by the ability to conduct silent firing at a distance of up to 400 m. At the same time, the improved version has a new form of the receiver and a store made of transparent plastic, which allows the fighter to track the exact number of cartridges. According to experts, “Val” is an effective means of engaging the enemy during operations where the maximum secrecy of actions is required from the military.

Serviceman of the RF Armed Forces with ASM “Val”
© Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The servicemen of the Trans-Baikal Territory were armed with a batch of modernized special machine guns ASM “Val” of 9 mm caliber. This was reported by the press service of the Eastern Military District (VVO).

“The mastery of modern automatic weapons is carried out by scouts and servicemen of special forces in the course of training in tactical and fire training, as well as in the framework of regular practical training on anti-terrorist security,” the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense says.

As specified in the military department, the ASM “Val” is designed for silent firing at an aiming range of up to 400 m.

The improved version differs from the base model with a new shape of the receiver, the presence of more modern day and night vision scopes and a transparent plastic magazine, which allows a soldier to track the exact amount of ammunition.

Thanks to the modernization, it was possible to increase the capacity of the Val horn from 20 to 30 cartridges, improve ergonomics, and individual indicators of service and operational characteristics.

“It is also worth noting the convenience of using the new machine gun with the advent of bipods and unified Picatinny rails for attaching various devices that increase shooting capabilities,” – specified in the materials of the BBO.

Serial production of the modernized Val assault rifle began in 2019 at the Tula Arms Plant (TOZ). As the head of the rifle-test complex of the enterprise, Alexander Moiseenko, reported in an interview with TASS, the improved modification of this weapon has a twice as long barrel resource.

The Val was modernized by TsNIITOCHMASH employees (Podolsk) in the 2010s with the direct participation of the creator of the basic version of the machine – domestic designer Pyotr Serdyukov.

According to TsNIITOCHMASH specialists, the appearance of an improved version of the “Val” allowed for many years to provide effective weapons to the special forces of the power departments of Russia.

Original design

“Val” was created on the basis of the VSS “Vintorez” sniper rifle, which was adopted by the special forces of the USSR Armed Forces, the KGB and units of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Both samples are unified in units and assemblies and visually differ in the shape of the butt and the length of the store.

The rifle was put into service in 1987, the machine gun in 1989. Initially, it was supplied to special units of the KGB, but later it was added to the arsenal of other power structures of the country. In the 1990s, on the basis of the “Val”, a 9-mm small-sized machine gun SR-3 “Whirlwind” was developed.

The main advantages of the brainchild of TsNIITOCHMASH are a high range and the ability to hit manpower in the most modern personal protective equipment. In particular, Val’s bullets can penetrate anti-fragmentation vests, 5 mm steel sheet, some types of military equipment and brick shelters.

The machine is designed for firing several types of ammunition. The most powerful are the SP-6 special cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet and the SP-5 sniper cartridge. They pierce 3rd class body armor and lightly armored vehicles.

Val’s arsenal also includes the 7N12 cartridge with an armor-piercing bullet and the 7N9 cartridge with a sniper bullet of increased penetration. The initial flight speed of all ammunition does not exceed 295 m / s.

As reported on the TOZ website, the original design of the barrel of this machine allows you to achieve “high parameters in accuracy and accuracy of fire”, and the subsonic speed of the bullet ensures silent defeat.

The Vala muffler can be used for the entire service life of the weapon. It simultaneously serves as a flame arrester, which allows the owner of the machine to remain disguised in the theater of operations (theater of operations).

The Val is a light and compact weapon. The mass of the assault rifle with a magazine without cartridges and sights is 2.5 kg, the length with unfolded stock is 878 mm, with folded stock – 615 mm.

With “Shaft” it is convenient to navigate through various types of terrain and in confined spaces. Despite the powerful cartridges included in the ammunition of this weapon, the soldier does not feel a strong recoil when firing, and the sound of a shot resembles a click.

From open information it follows that “Val” is in service with the intelligence units of the Russian army, the Russian Airborne Forces, special forces of the Russian Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB.

As noted by the military, the use of “Val” along with “Vintorez” and other types of silent weapons allows you to covertly operate behind enemy lines, provide maximum camouflage and not create “interference to voice communications in a confined space battle.”

“Val” can be used for actions against illegal armed formations (IAF), sabotage groups, during operations in mountainous and wooded areas and in urban conditions. The use of an assault rifle increases the combat capabilities of reconnaissance units, according to the RF Ministry of Defense.

“Means of conducting a fleeting battle”

Experts interviewed by RT said that the Val family of assault rifles has established itself as a reliable and effective means of destruction. This weapon received high marks from both the military personnel of the army units and the special forces of the security agencies.

Val showed itself well in special units, including the FSB and many other structures. It allows for silent shooting, for example, when conducting reconnaissance. Taking into account the range of 400 m, it is used not as a sniper rifle, but as a means of conducting a fleeting battle, which sometimes has a forced character, “Alexander Butyrin, a columnist for the Fire Frontier magazine, said in a conversation with RT.

According to the expert, the supply of a modernized version of the “Val” will increase the capabilities of army intelligence officers and special forces of the power departments of the Russian Federation. In particular, the use of a transparent store should facilitate the conduct of hostilities.

“A soldier in the heat of battle does not always understand how many cartridges he has left in the store, whether it is running out or not. Previously, this feature was a tracer (glowing) cartridge. Now, with the advent of the transparent element of the store, there is no need to count the ammunition, ”added Butyrin.

Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of the magazine Arsenal Otechestvo, shares a similar view on the advantages of the modernized Val. In an interview with RT, the expert explained that a transparent store allows a soldier to “free memory” from counting ammunition and more accurately control their consumption.

“Val” became widely known back in Soviet times thanks to its silent shooting, which is very important when a reconnaissance officer is behind enemy lines. Naturally, the time has come to modify the machine a little. Most likely, the modernization of the “Val” was carried out in accordance with the experience gained in the course of its combat use by Russian military personnel, “Murakhovsky emphasized.

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