What Weapons Russia Presented At The Aero India 2021 Exhibition

The international exhibition Aero India 2021 has opened in India, where Moscow presented its latest developments. Among them are the fifth generation Su-57 fighter, the Su-35 generation 4 ++ aircraft, the MiG-35D multifunctional front-line fighter, the Ka-226T helicopter, the Pantsir-S1 missile and cannon complex, the K-16 and K-17 armored vehicles on the Boomerang platform. India remains the largest buyer of Russian weapons and, according to experts, will retain this status in the foreseeable future. The greatest interest in New Delhi and other countries of Southeast Asia, according to analysts, is caused by products of the domestic aircraft industry, air defense systems and armored vehicles.

From fighters to armored vehicles: what weapons Russia presented at Aero India 2021Multifunctional fighter Su-30MKI of the Indian Air Force at the Aero India exhibition
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The international aerospace exhibition Aero India 2021 has started in Bangalore, India. 78 foreign companies, including Russian enterprises under the Rosoboronexport brand (part of Rostec), present their products there.

Moscow has sent a wide range of modern aircraft, anti-aircraft systems and armored vehicles to Bangalore. In total, Rosoboronexport will demonstrate more than 200 models of military products to the guests of the exhibition.

“Unique combat properties”

Peculiar headliners of the Russian exposition are the fifth-generation Su-57E multipurpose aircraft, the Su-35 generation 4 ++ super-maneuverable fighter and the MiG-35D two-seat front-line fighter.

The Su-57 is Russia’s most advanced aerial combat platform. For the own needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation until 2028 will purchase 76 units. At the same time, Moscow is ready to supply the vehicle in export modification to partners in military-technical cooperation (MTC).

In particular, in August 2019, a sample of the Su-57 demonstrated to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The presentation was personally conducted by Russian leader Vladimir Putin during MAKS-2019. Nevertheless, according to media reports, Algeria will become the first buyer of the unique fighter.

“If we talk about the Su-57E, then in many countries interest in this aircraft is high, since it has unique combat properties and flight performance,” said Viktor Kladov, director for international cooperation and regional policy at Rostec, in a recent interview with TASS.

According to the pilots, the Su-57 surpasses foreign fifth-generation aircraft in a number of key characteristics. how stated earlier in an interview with RT, 1st class military pilot Vladlen Rusanov, the Russian aircraft, unlike the American F-35, has no restrictions on combat use.

In turn, the Su-35 is recognized by experts as one of the best fourth-generation aircraft in the world. To date, contracts for the supply of these machines concluded with China, Indonesia, Egypt and Algeria. Rosoboronexport plans to gain more than $ 7 billion from the implementation of export contracts for the supply of the Su-35 in the coming years.

The main advantages The Su-35, in addition to super-maneuverability, is considered to be the ability to detect and track up to 34 targets at a distance of up to 400 km, an increased design resource, a high combat load, effective navigation aids and an electronic warfare (EW) complex.

The modification of the new MiG-35D fighter, which is distinguished by a two-seat layout, presented at Aero India 2021 is also unique in its own way. This aircraft is a further development of the popular MiG-29M / M2 family. In a two-seat version, the fighter can be used for both combat and training missions.

“Multifunctional fighters MiG-35 / 35D are designed to destroy various air targets, engage mobile and stationary ground (surface) targets using guided and unguided weapons day and night, in simple and difficult weather conditions,” says Rosoboronexport.

Of the helicopter technology, the light multipurpose Ka-226T was shown at the exhibition in Bangalore. The coaxial propeller arrangement, traditional for the Kamov Design Bureau, made it possible to make the machine quite compact. The Russian helicopter can take off and land on sites in urban areas and in mountainous areas.

Light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T
© JSC Russian Helicopters

An important advantage of the Ka-226T lies in the modular design principle, which makes it easy to convert the vehicle into one of five modifications: passenger, transport, medical, police and search and rescue.

New Delhi is interested in deploying the production of the Ka-226T on its territory. Currently, the Russian-Indian enterprise Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited (IRHL) is engaged in the localization of the production of this machine.

The Rostec website says that of the products demonstrated by Rosoboronexport at Aero India 2021, the modernized Mi-28NE combat helicopter, Mi-171Sh and Mi-17V-5 military transport helicopters, reconnaissance and strike Ka-52, Ka-31 radar patrol helicopter, UAV Orion-E and Orlan-10E.

“A valuable source of technology”

In the class of air defense systems, Rosoboronexport presented an anti-aircraft missile-gun complex (ZRPK) at the Indian exhibition “Pantsir-S1”, which received its baptism of fire in Syria during the defense of the Khmeimim airbase from UAVs and shells of militants’ multiple launch rocket systems.

The peculiarity of the “Pantsir” is the placement of anti-aircraft and artillery weapons on one platform. Small-sized missiles hit targets at long distances, and automatic 30-mm cannons shoot objects at close approaches.

ZRPK is capable of detecting enemy targets within a radius of 36 km and hitting them at a distance of up to 20 km. The missile arsenal includes 12 anti-aircraft ammunition, and 1400 cannon ammunition.

In addition, at Aero India 2021, Rosoboronexport presented the K-16 armored personnel carrier and the K-17 infantry fighting vehicle on the promising Boomerang wheeled platform for the first time to the foreign public.

According to Viktor Kladov, the Boomerang chassis is distinguished by the highest combat and operational capabilities. According to him, the platform is a good base for the creation of new vehicles and the deployment of various types of weapons and equipment.

Also from ground vehicles in Bangalore will be shown samples of the protected ambulance transport “Linza” and a family of armored vehicles “Typhoon” K-63968 and K-53949.

Rostec notes the continuing high demand for Russian military products, including from New Delhi. According to the state corporation, the share of domestic weapons in the Indian army exceeds 70%. The republic remains the largest partner of the Russian Federation in the area of ​​military-technical cooperation.

So, India is actively exploiting fighters Su-30MKI and MiG-29, military transport helicopters Mi-17, T-90 tanks, diesel-electric submarines project 877. The largest contract in recent years was the contract for the supply of a domestic air defense system to India S-400 “Triumph”. By 2024-2025, New Delhi will receive all five regiments ordered from the Russian Federation.

Cars with S-400 launchers
RIA Novosti © Alexander Halperin

In an interview with RT, Alexei Podberezkin, director of the Center for Military-Political Research at MGIMO, noted that Moscow and New Delhi are linked by unusually intensive contacts through military-technical cooperation. For decades, India has shown great interest in Russian aircraft, tanks and air defense systems.

“India and Russia in the good sense of the word are highly dependent on each other. Our country is a very valuable source of technology and components for the Indian army and defense industry. Russia renders a great deal of assistance to India in the sphere of servicing military equipment, ”Podberezkin noted.

According to the expert, New Delhi values ​​the high quality of Russian military products combined with an acceptable pricing policy. The expert predicts that in the near future India may conclude contracts with Moscow for the supply of a batch of Su-57, some samples of naval equipment and assembly kits T-90.

The editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko also does not exclude the signing of new arms deals between Moscow and New Delhi. In the RT commentary, the expert emphasized that Russia has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner.

“Despite the fact that New Delhi adheres to a policy of diversification in arms imports, the purchase of Russian products is of decisive importance. In a number of areas, Russia is an uncontested source of products and technologies. Therefore, India does not succumb to US sanctions threats due to purchases of domestic products. In the future, it will remain the number one buyer of Russian weapons, ”summed up Korotchenko.

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