What will kill us? Well, definitely not “Tomahawks”

The chief gravedigger of Soviet medicine tells how well the health of our citizens is protected. And how sad is it in Israel and Germany

Yes, in those very Israel and Germany, where every day they collect children for hundreds of operations on live TV.

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Well, I didn’t think that I would live to see this, but now I did.

We have a reference system, you know, … For whom it is a reference, Ms. Skvortsova did not specify, and she did the right thing. Because I am sure that the list would include Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Mozambique and so on, according to the list of least developed countries from the UN for 2018.

Actually, I have not discovered anything new and will not discover anything new, the collapse that was initiated in all ministries, why had to pass by the Ministry of Health? Why is this department worse, tell me?

It’s better.

It is already better (and at the same time more interesting to our enemies) in that it can kill no less, and even more effectively, than any military department. In peacetime, a non-working Ministry of Health is capable of destroying the population of any country as luxuriously as saboteurs or enemy troops in wartime.

Yes, all these tales about how our doctors get 80,000 rubles or more, that there are no problems with personnel, that our medicine is no worse than Western medicine – this is true.

When Skvortsova says: “With us,” you must understand: “We have in Moscow and St. Petersburg.” The rest, excuse me, can only look at this bullying (and it cannot be called otherwise) and endure.

Well, and gradually adopt the Ukrainian experience in treatment with oak bark and plantain. This is not yet available, but we must be prepared.

As an example, I can cite a recent case when a colleague Krivov called an ambulance for his two-year-old daughter, who, with strange symptoms, also had a temperature over 39.

The ambulance arrived. With a paramedic. It turned out that there was not a single pediatrician on the shift. As a result, the paramedic examined the child, contacted the dispatch office by phone, where someone dictated the appointment to him, this was the end of the entire visit.

The millionth city …

No, everything is logical. On the Internet on the same “Pikabu” there are already enough confessions of doctors who are not rubbish, but just people who want to live. That’s how they just want to live and live well. That is why I understood my doctor friend, whom I have known since childhood. I wanted to talk with him about the problems of the ambulance … and it didn’t work out.

It turned out that he had been working at the NSR station in Krasnogorsk for six months. Yes, not for 150 thousand, but not for 30 either.

And as it will be with us, it really is not his headache.

I think we will be like in many other areas. The salaries that Russians consider unworthy will receive those whom they suit.

And what has already happened in construction, housing and communal services, trade, why doesn’t it happen in medicine? Education? Well, if the salary suits you, then you can expect specialists from those countries – former fraternal republics, where life is even worse than in Russia.

Everyone knows perfectly well where they will come to help us from.

And this market will probably be filled in the same way as it happened with the previous ones. Market laws …

And here it becomes clear as a white day the so-called “Topilin’s list”, which presupposes the accelerated issuance of Russian citizenship to persons with medical professions. Midwives, emergency doctors, psychiatrists, district therapists, surgeons, nurses, paramedics from the countries of the former Soviet republics (well, who will go to us from Europe?), Welcome!

And this somehow does not inspire optimism, to be honest. Not that I am against the Uzbek and Tajik doctors in our offices, but … but I have no confidence in them.

But alas, this is the Russian market system, which is not at all Soviet.

It’s worth repeating. Russian medicine is not a continuation of the Soviet one. This is a completely different medicine, it is not better than the Soviet one in principle, but what will happen next will only get worse. And that’s why.

All the same Market. The concern for the health of the nation has been replaced by profitability, payback and ownership.

And here is the main difficulty. You can change the minister. You can change the prime minister. You can change the president. There will be zero sense from this, because the principle of the market economy will remain inviolable. Profit instead of health.

Moreover, the profit is not even from the healthcare institution, but from the insurance company, which regulates cash flows.

But do not forget the pride with which another official, madam Golikova, talked about the growth of private medical institutions in the country twice since 2014.

Luxurious, of course. An equally interesting fact, like the rapidly emptying state clinics. The outflow from them goes to these very private clinics, and if a public queue for a specialized specialist can stretch for a couple of months, then for a completely sane fee THIS specialist will accept anyone who wants to at any time convenient for him.

However, this is a completely well-known fact.

But diagnostics is only half the battle. Smaller, moreover. What about drugs?

And with medicines, everything is fine with us. Foreign pharmaceutical companies are fleeing the finished drug market in unison, and sanctions are not at all involved here. Mainly tender pricing policy and patriotic lobby of domestic pharma oligarchs.

I have nothing against Russian drugs, but the fact is that as of the end of 2019, from 2015, from 700 to 900 foreign-made drugs disappeared from sale. Yes, the data is very fuzzy, because no one set out to track it down, but even on the Roszdravnadzor website, data on drugs that manufacturers stopped supplying us were posted on a monthly basis.

There are no exact numbers. But what are the numbers if there are no drugs?

Image from topwar.ru

About replacements. It’s not that simple here. We can say that we have replaced everything with imports and … And in general, you can say everything. But to do …

Everyone who believes in the tale of import substitution should remember that today is not 1991. The entire pharmaceutical industry has been privatized and is in someone’s hands. At best, it is owned by Russian oligarchs; at worst, it is owned by foreign companies.

But the main thing is that we have almost no development and full production cycle left. Like in the automotive industry, there is a screwdriver assembly and a shovel production in pharmacology.

That is, simple mixing and packing from what was brought to the plant.

But it is economically profitable.

Likewise, it is beneficial to import generics from Asia. Generic is a substitute for a patented drug (and today all drugs are patented, mainly by manufacturers), released without problems with licenses.

Yes, generics today, according to the research of the American Catherine Eban, which she published in the book “Bottle of Lies”, is what will kill us all as well, and perhaps even better than atomic bombs.

It is not for nothing that medicines made in India and China are prohibited from import, oh, not in vain. Indeed, today in Asia (India, the Philippines, Indonesia, China), up to 60% of the world volume of dosage forms is produced. Substances for patented drugs, and, of course, cheaper, but “no worse” generics.

Well, you get the idea, it’s like Adidas sneakers. How does the “firm” differ from the Chinese, everyone remembers? It’s the same with medicines. But cheaper.

It turns out that the whole essence of “import substitution” in our country was expressed in replacing imported drugs based on Chinese and Indian substances with Russian drugs. Created completely from the same Chinese and Indian substances.

What’s the difference?

Trust me, the difference can be very frustrating.

Your own example. Last year my personal drug “Concor AM” disappeared from all pharmacies. Produced in Hungary, at the EGIS plant under the control of the Germans, their company “Merck”. I have been sitting for a long time, it suits me all. And then he disappeared.

It is difficult to replace, but it is possible. The drug “Bisam” from LLC “Atoll”. Russian drug. Three times cheaper. If in letters and numbers – well, one to one. In fact, it’s better not to remember. It was very unpleasant.

So I would not recommend such experiments on myself to anyone. And, alas, I felt on my own skin what it was like to change a European drug to don’t understand what. But it could be worse, by the way. Diabetics and cancer patients are still sadder, if you believe them.

But the most disgusting thing here is that foreign manufacturers are leaving, and ours are in no hurry to occupy a niche. A huge number of drug procurement tenders are simply ignored by manufacturers. And this is about drugs that should be in hospitals after purchase.

That is, we are slowly and surely moving towards the glorious 90s, when the patient had to come to the hospital with his bed, dishes, food, medicine and syringes.

The prospect is so-so … very so-so.

And you are surprised. Why are 30 to 50% of tenders not being played at all? Prices? That’s right, prices. No one can supply the drug at a loss, because the price was drawn in the tender by those who produce it. And of course, kickbacks. This is sacred.

Our roads do the same and buy medicines.

Therefore, the information that almost the entire country is using more than dubious generics from Ranbaxi is not surprising. Rather surprising is the information that Ranbaxi, as a manufacturer, produces drugs of waste quality. From the point of view of an honest American.

But since we have a market, all the same, cheap Indian raw materials will be given the green light precisely because they are cheap. After all, if you remove all these subdrugs with a dubious outcome of use, then a fair percentage of the population will be left without drug assistance at all.

This means that we will have to rely on traditional medicine, God’s help, miracle healers, and the money collected by the whole world for treatment where there is medicine, there are medicines and there are doctors.

In Germany, Belgium, Israel, USA. Which, according to Skvortsova, should be mortally jealous of us.

In fact, we will be mortally jealous. And not that envy, but deadly. When will come to us that western insurance medicine, in which it will indeed be easier to die than to recover.

Yes, perhaps the Americans, who do not have sufficient earnings, will envy us for now. As we recall the Soviet medicine, which was actually ditched by our liberal government today.

Well, we voted for him, now we will reap the benefits. Healing the wounds of cognition with plantain, oak bark and Indian powder, where the monkey may not have spat.

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