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A guy from a neighboring village wooed her, but he turned out not to be Zemislavushka. The persistent groom was ready to take his beloved by force. And then she decided to save herself from the unloved – hit the ground and turned into a buckwheat grain. Since that time, in memory of the proud beauty, the villagers began to sew amulet dolls, which were stuffed with buckwheat, which at that time was considered a symbol of satiety, prosperity and even wealth.

The legend

According to another version, mother Zernovukha is the daughter of Zernich, Yarila’s assistant. Her father was called to ensure that the grains sprout at the right time, ripen in time and do not fall into the ground, but fall into the bins. The mother of Zernovukha is Buckwheat, the female spirit of fields sown with buckwheat. Zernovukha has brothers: Sporysh is the spirit of abundance, seeds and shoots, Zhitnich is the patron saint of the zhita, and Stradich is responsible for harvesting. The favorite of parents, Zernovushka should not so much keep order in the fields as … please the villagers with her appearance and songs, so that peasant labor does not seem so hard to them.

And in fact, as soon as Mother Zernovukha appeared in the fields, the businessmen straightened their backs and smiled on the ground. Most often, Zernovushka appeared to people in the form of a young woman, whose head was decorated with a wreath of ripe ears of corn and wild flowers. Long hair the color of ripe straw and a sundress embroidered with buckwheat inflorescences fluttered freely in the wind, while the legs, shod in light boots, barely touched the ground, so weightless was Zernovukha. Some noticed golden wings behind her …


Our ancestors believed that Mother Zernovushka was much closer to them than the gods, that they could freely talk to her, ask for anything. She was “her own”, understanding, and therefore helping with all her might. Most often, people turned to Zernovukha on her birthday, it is considered the day of the vernal equinox (March 21). The peasants went out into the field, spread festive embroidered towels on the ground, on which they laid out gifts – bread, pies, cereals, ears and grains, among which buckwheat, wheat and barley predominated (they left the offering for the night, and in the morning they collected what was left, and fed to pets). On the field, they sang songs, the so-called chants: “Mother Zernovushka, we are sending you praise, we are calling on our fields. You come, come to us, dear, come to the rescue, golden-winged, look after our plantings, so that we live in happiness and prosperity. Let the heat and rain on the novelty, but for the whole spring, and for the dry summer, and for the vigorous rye. Goy, glory to you, mother! Goy, glory to you, Zernovushechka. “

And to make the year really happy, our ancestors sewed rag-shaped pupae, stuffed them with grain and planted them in different parts of the house. It was believed that such a talisman would save in lean, lean years, keep the harmony in the family and be the key to a better future.

And today, the ancient rite is observed by the owners of large land holdings, and the owners of small plots, or even just modest flower beds. In any case, it would be useful to go out in the spring (ideally on March 21, but you can also go on another day) to your site or in the field and turn to Zernovukha with the old “call” (see above) or with the following conspiracy: “Mother Zernovukha, please land like fluff, rain in moderation, in the best faith, a generous harvest, a comfortable life. I expect grace from you, Zernovushka, from dawn to dusk, accept my gifts! Glory to you, mother, glory to you, generous. ” While reading the conspiracy, lay out the pies, cereals, bread you brought with you on the ground. Leave everything where you put it.

You can also contact Zernovukha in cases where material well-being has been shaken, money is needed for important purchases, etc. Pick up the grains in your palm, look at the image of the Zernovushka and say to the grain: “Mother Zernovukha, grind the grain into white flour, send a bold bird with a message to the gods so that it rushes to heaven, and my word comes true.” Then pour the grains out to the birds. As soon as they start pecking, say: “Hundreds of servants, one grain, many gods, she is faithful to them. Heavenly grace is flowing in its own way every spring. The good will wake up as a golden grain. Gold is not a grain, but live money in a wallet settles. The gold-silver does not run towards me like a wolf, but flies headlong like a ringing bird. Amen”.

Turn around and leave without looking back. This is a very strong conspiracy, so you will very soon notice that your financial situation has improved.

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