Who: Quarantine Is Useless, No Masks Needed

WHO officials showed complete shamelessness, saying that the Swedish experience in the fight against coronavirus was good, and the restrictions, due to which the entire world economy sank by tens of percent, were not so necessary

Now it’s time to think about whether it is worth torturing teachers with masks, and children with a chess seating.

Sometimes there is such news that, as my old friend used to say, “I want to tear and rush.” Well, or, according to Russian tradition, exclaim: “What is being done, good people ?!” Because it is impossible to calmly react to such news. Well there you go:

SYDNEY, September 1st. / TASS /. World Health Organization spokesman David Nabarro called Sweden’s experience in the fight against coronavirus an example of an excellent government strategy and a model for the whole world in the future.

Do you know what the “Swedish experience” is? What is this “great strategy”? By the way, it is the experience of Belarus, although we are unlikely to hear the word “Belarus”. Sweden’s experience with the coronavirus is an experience of inaction. The Swedish authorities did not undertake to combat the terrible pandemic, it is “the strangest pandemic in the history of mankind”, absolutely nothing. Well, maybe they politely advised their citizens, if possible, to protect themselves from infection a little more than usual, wash their hands more often, being in public places, wear masks, and having the opportunity not to visit these public places or do it less often than usual, use this opportunity.

Carlson can

There were no restrictions in Sweden that were introduced by almost all civilized countries, including Russia. Schoolchildren were not allowed to go home. They did not arrange forced vacations for employees of all enterprises, except for vital ones. They did not require the police to maintain a regime of restrictions for citizens. Nobody was fined! They did not come up with walking schedules for residents of individual houses (hello, Mayor Sobyanin!), And no access control was introduced for moving around the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. No one prevented the resident of Vazastan, Little Svanteson, from visiting his friend Carlson, who lives in a house on the roof. Although, of course, both were advised not to neglect the healthy raspberry jam.

Sweden was the only civilized country (except for Belarus, yes, except for Belarus), which behaved this way and behaved so long enough and firm enough. England also tried at the beginning of events, but under the pressure of panicked public opinion, it slipped into completely draconian measures.

These measures did not help anyone. At the beginning of the epidemic, the number of infected and deaths from covid-related diseases in Sweden was slightly higher than the world average (and, for example, five times higher than in neighboring Denmark), but, as Swedish doctors rightly predicted, four months have passed – and the overall figures are no worse than in countries where they tried to introduce tough and super-tough quarantine measures.

At the same time, the situation in the Swedish economy is somewhat better than the European average. No, Sweden did not become a unique country where economic growth is maintained, when everyone is in recession, in the global world this, alas, is impossible, but still, 7% decline against the background of English 25 is still two big differences, isn’t it?

Was it possible?

The World Health Organization, which insisted on the most stringent restrictive measures for every civilized country, which threatened dire consequences for those who allowed restaurants and sports clubs to work, which forced all countries of the world to cancel football championships, because of which (this, of course, is a trifle general background), the world chess championship ended in a draw, the first place was held by Russia and India, and it is impossible to find out who is better, due to communication failures, the championship was going online …

The World Health Organization, due to which the level of official unemployment in Russia is now at an inconceivable level of 6% (and a pessimistic forecast gives up to 20% by the end of the year, including the latent unemployed), due to which (and what else? Russia went in the wake of the world practice of combating the pandemic, went, despite the fact that it was clearly prepared better than others), a million Russian small businesses were lost – this very World Organization now says: “Well, we seem to be a little mistaken, but the Swedes were right. “

Damn it, not even that! She does not say – “we were wrong.” Doesn’t apologize. She simply says – yes, it turns out that it was possible. It was possible not to destroy the world economy, not to drive millions of people into poverty, not to provoke panic, not to deprive all those who did not receive help, since the hospitals were hastily converted into covid. Communicates and does not apologize. And he doesn’t say what to do next. “Guess, they say, yourself.”

In Germany, people are massively protesting against the boring restrictions that interfere with life, in which – WHO says! – there is no and there was no point. Forty thousand people protested the other day in front of the Reichstag. No masks. There will be no outbreak of the disease. In Belarus, mass demonstrations of people who want a revolution continue. We see nothing good in these requirements, but what we see is that there will be no outbreak of the disease. In America, BLM is smashing the country, burning cars and robbing shops, all in order to remove power from the Republican president and give power to the Democratic president. Hundreds of thousands of people rush to and fro along the streets, unsanitary conditions, of course, are terrible, but this will not cause an outbreak of the disease.

By the way, there is an opinion that the current wonderful position of the WHO is also part of the election campaign in the United States, necessary so that the Democrats could not be accused of creating a danger for citizens by demonstrations. If so, the Democrats, like that broken clock, showed the right time at a certain hour – because there really is no danger of a pandemic.

Why, in Russian Khabarovsk, thousands of protesters walk the streets almost every day. We do not even write about them in the news, because we are tired of them in a month and a half. But there will be no outbreak of the disease there either! There is nowhere for her to come from. If you don’t believe it, ask WHO experts – and they will show you the Swedish experience. Walk around with posters for health, kind people, masks do not change anything, restrictions are not needed.

There is such a good Russian word “shamelessness”. There is no other way to define the behavior of WHO.

What is possible is, having called the behavior of international sanitation officials a kind Russian word, soberly and calmly ask yourself: what should be done now? More precisely, even this: “What should not be done now?”

In the Russian regions, there are quite a lot of rather senseless restrictions, seemingly related to the pandemic. In the Urals, cinemas still do not work (and in Moscow they are just beginning), in the Moscow metro people are forced to buy masks, which is of no use to anyone except the sellers of these masks, and there is a lot of harm because people are unhappy.

But these are all trifles against the background of what is happening in Russian schools.

September 1 came, as always, suddenly. And it turned out that Russian schools work “in a special regime.” The peculiarity of the regime is as follows: the teachers are wearing masks (but the children are not), the children cannot (or should not) go from class to class. If at least one child gets sick, the class immediately goes “to a distance”. In the classes, by the way, one must, it seems, sit in a checkerboard pattern. Because of this, more classes are needed, some of the children study unscheduled in the second shift.

There is no real sense in all this – no. If you don’t believe me, you know the address, right? They checked in Sweden.

Well, if they really checked, and everything indicates that, for the sake of diversity, WHO is not lying to us now, maybe we will not torture children, parents and teachers? Maybe, simply and pragmatically, without hype, we will quietly cancel all these senseless difficulties and give the opportunity at least to schools to work normally? As always? As if there had never been a “strange pandemic”?

Author: Andrey Perla

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