John Paul Jones. The most American Russian admiral

The 18th century is a great time for unusual destinies. A resourceful adventurer, a resolute officer, even a peasant suffering from debt – each of these people could roam the world heartily,... Read more »

Combat ships. Cruisers. Error in working on errors

A strange feeling from this ship. It seems like working on mistakes, but there are even more mistakes than in work. They started building the ship after the cruisers of the Zara... Read more »

War dream mysticism

“Tanks came to the casino” This material of mine is the 1111th in a row, which means it is a little mystical, just as the materials that fall under the numbers 666... Read more »

The trunk is around the corner. Shooting technology that scares Americans

Krivostvol 2.0 A long time ago, a weapon that allowed you to shoot from behind cover and at the same time not expose yourself to enemy bullets was considered almost shameful. It... Read more »

Close the breakout. Fighting near Wlodawa on August 4, 1915

Having considered the battle at Maidan-Khut (see “Batteries – with bayonets! Battle at the village of Maidan-Khuta on July 9, 1915”, we turn to the last of our Five battles of the... Read more »

Heaviest helicopter. “Royal stallion” for the German military

Sikorsky, an American helicopter manufacturer, and the large German arms concern Rheinmetall are offering the German military a new heavy helicopter CH-53K King Stallion. The companies presented a pool of manufacturers who... Read more »

The Caucasus is a delicate matter. Abreks, psychadze, hedzhrets

The Caucasus is extremely complex in its diversity, even in that part of it, about which many prefer to remain silent. Moreover, it is almost impossible to give an exact definition to... Read more »

the choice will be made in 2021

Currently, the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is conducting the Lightweight Machine Gun-Medium (LMG-M) program, the goal of which is to select a new light machine gun with increased performance. One... Read more »

Postgraduate studies in the USSR: lunches at the Ulyanovsk regional committee

Postgraduate studies are a direct road to science. One of the characteristics of Professor Medvedev’s leadership was that he usually invited graduate students to his home. His apartment was large, “Stalin’s”, and... Read more »

Corrosion: the main enemy of the fleet

TARKR “Admiral Lazarev” after several years without proper maintenance. All major structural elements were covered with rust. Photo The transition from wooden shipbuilding to metal shipbuilding provided known advantages, but led... Read more »