ERA military technopolis: why does the Defense Ministry need its own Skolkovo

Search, development and implementation of breakthrough technologies – this is the official goal of creating the ERA technopolis. However, the scientific and technological value of the military innovation city on the Black... Read more »

how Russia intends to develop the sphere of hypersonic weapons

Russian designers are working on new hypersonic weapons systems based on the already created complexes “Avangard”, “Zircon” and “Dagger”. This was announced by Aleksandr Leonov, general designer of the NPO Mashinostroyenia military-industrial... Read more »

MIDO Eyewear Exhibition in Milan

Milan hosted the next annual MIDO Eyewear exhibition, where large manufacturers and small designer brands of sunglasses, optical frames and lenses showcase their new collections for the coming season. In 2018, the... Read more »

SIM card for roaming: Belarusian, local or tourist?

Roaming from MTS, velcom and life Of course, first of all a tourist looks towards the long-familiar Belarusian operators – MTS, velcom and life. Moreover, many of our compatriots use the services... Read more »

The most beautiful nature shots

Belgian photographer Johan Lolos took an unforgettable trip for himself: he traveled 17 European countries in five months. During this time, he managed to communicate with Scottish cows, freeze “everything that is... Read more »

Amazing Facts About APPLE

In 1984, the first Apple Macintosh personal computer was released. Since then, the Californian company founded by Steve Jobs has become a real giant, it pleases fans of modern technology with new... Read more »

What is blockchain? Let’s tell in simple words

The use of encryption ensures that users can only modify the parts of the blockchain that they “own” in the sense that they have the private keys, without which they cannot write... Read more »

The world’s first mobile phones were made in … Molodechno!

Everyone is accustomed to modern phones: rectangular plastic tiles with a bright screen that you can slide your finger on. And older people probably remember the “new Russians” of the post-perestroika era:... Read more »

Tallest buildings in the world

Ever since Biblical times, people have strived to get closer to heaven. The first tower to be erected was the Tower of Babel. Today, thousands of new modern and amazing buildings appear... Read more »

Five things a mobile bank can do

Nowadays, most people practically do not part with their smartphones. After all, this is not only a telephone, but also a computer, a camera, a player, a navigator – and a bank... Read more »